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    Q&A with Mohammed Nash!

    1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Names Nash, I’m a singer/songwriter, working alongside Shayal in Birmingham, making some great music together. I’m currently ready to release my new track. The track is a...
    2017-11-22 1215 0
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    Kanwar Grewal UK Tour

    LEO ENTERTAINMENT PVT LTD PRESENTS MASTAN JOGI RETURNS UK TOUR 2017   Song Sufi Singer Kanwar Grewal announces the release of new song ‘’ Magnetism’’ leading to Mastana Jogi Returns UK Tour 2017   Song -Magnetism,...
    2017-11-15 1819 0
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    1. Why does Secret Superstar matter to you? What can audiences take away from this movie? Zaira: This film means a lot to me and the messages which are in the film. The film holds a special...
    2017-11-07 1396 0
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    Q&A with Varun Dhawan

    Tell us something about your memory from the original Judwaa. Varun: I remember I went for this trial and Salman Bhai was standing outside in shorts and a vest and I called him Salman Uncle. He got...
    2017-10-19 1024 0
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    Bearded Broz’ tackle Birmingham one bin at a time

    Community volunteers have pledged to make the streets of Small Heath more sanitary by removing the mounds of piled rubbish, which have accumulated over the six-week strike. Local volunteers from the Birmingham based initiative, Bearded Broz,...
    2017-08-17 1191 0
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    Public Speaking Academy’s Bilal Jamil motivates CBH crowds

    CEO of the Public Speaking Academy, Bilal Jamil, inspired audiences as the keynote speaker at the Capital Business Hub networking launch event. International speaker and Executive coach for royal figures and political elite, his portfolio includes...
    2017-08-17 1877 0
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    Rising star of Conservatives Azi Ahmed defects to the Lib Dems

    A rising star in the Conservative Party has defected to the Liberal Democrats due to Theresa May’s extreme version of Brexit. Azi Ahmed, who stood for the Conservative Party at the last election, grew up in...
    2017-08-17 1387 0
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    From Rugby to Riches

    28-years-old Ayaz Bhuta, a Paralympic athlete from Bolton, talks about his condition and what drove him towards sports.  Bhuta, who is 3 feet 8 inches and weighs seven stone, does not let his stature get him...
    2017-08-17 878 0
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    Go Cray for Shannon K

    Teen sensation Shannon K returns with new emotion inspired album Perpetual Born in India to the legendary Bollywood singer, Kumar Sanu, child prodigy Shannon K is bringing her brand of pop music to the world with...
    2017-07-11 1291 0
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    “There is no genre I cannot do!” – Navv Inder

    Navv Inder is the voice behind 2015’s global smash hit, ‘Wakhra Swag’ (that has garnered 65 million plus views on Youtube). The R&B singer launched his newest single, ‘Tu Meri Ki Lagdi’, in association with Times...
    2017-07-11 2057 0
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