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    Aviation Accessories – A part of Life

    Accessories are part of life; they give style to a person. They are an addition to the outfit which makes you look different from others. Today they have various different sectors in commerce; the automobile industry,...
    2019-07-10 163 0
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    Five course dinners with double-starters and delicious deserts, all-inclusive drinks, fabulously friendly staff and tomorrow morning we sail into Santorini! Idyllic Aegean indeed as I’m on a seven day cruise around the Greek islands with Celestyal...
    2019-07-09 153 0
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    In a city with millions of inhabitants, there are as many views of Istanbul as there are faces. Firmly embedded between East and West, old and new exchange with the winds of the Bosphorus sea, bringing...
    2019-07-03 140 0
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    British Hajj Pilgrims warned of Online Hajj Scams

    he Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK (ABH), a National Hajj specific charity working for the welfare and wellbeing of pilgrims, has issued a stern warning about the threat of rogue and unscrupulous tour and travel...
    2019-06-12 242 0
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    Ask a Pilot… It’s not all Glamour

    The life of a pilot is not as easy as it seems to be. It is a job of immense responsibility, risk, prestige, hardship, and dedication. When a pilot works for any airline then their entire...
    2019-06-11 241 0
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    The New Forest is one of the most un-spoilt and glorious parts of southern England. This unique area, full of picturesque villages, bustling market towns and winding country lanes is a great place for a short...
    2019-05-20 318 0
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    Why is a Pilot’s Personality Admired so much? 

    “Aviation is a love story that can only be believed when looked through the eyes of an aviator”.      – By Captain Khalfan Al Mazrooei ( Instagram A/c – @capt7773)  Pilots are people who are mostly admired for their personality. Their style, way of talking, confident attitude...
    2019-04-21 269 0
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