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Ahmad Rubani is a talented young singer and artist from Birmingham. Through love and devotion towards his religion and the Islamic...
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    Interview with Farhan Akhtar

    You have openly declared yourself as a feminist. Do you think it’s hard for Asian males with a similar cultural background as yourself to do the same as many of them do not understand the importance...
    2019-02-14 466 0
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    Interview with Divyendu Sharma starring in Mirzapur

      Can you tell us more about where the idea for the original Amazon series Mirzapur came from?   Honestly I’m not sure where the idea came from because I entered the project as an actor...
    2019-01-02 590 0
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    Do you feel like you are at home in London? Yes, I do feel at home in London! My mother was here one month ago and stayed here for 15 days. She thought that she would...
    2018-09-13 999 0
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    10 questions with PBN

      What are you currently working on? I’m currently putting together a number of new singles that we will be shooting videos for in August.  Both the fans and industry have been waiting patiently for my...
    2018-08-07 1675 0
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    Exclusive Interview with Ram Kamal Mukherjee

      Tell us what inspired you to take that step into journalism.   My father, Jaydeb Mukherjee was instrumental in guiding me. He realised that I liked writing, and I always preferred Shakespeare more than Newton...
    2018-07-24 766 0
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    We joined Ali Zafar on his promotional tour of his first ever Pakistani film, Teefa in Trouble, here in Birmingham. The multi-talented entertainer stars alongside the famed Pakistani drama actress, Maya Ali. Directed by Ahsan Rahim,...
    2018-07-20 589 0
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    Q.A with Female Personal Trainer Sanaa Khan

    1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am currently 19 years old and working two jobs. I am working full time as an IT project lead for a bank, however, I am also...
    2018-07-10 669 0
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