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Do you feel like you are at home in London? Yes, I do feel at home in London! My mother was...
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    We joined Ali Zafar on his promotional tour of his first ever Pakistani film, Teefa in Trouble, here in Birmingham. The multi-talented entertainer stars alongside the famed Pakistani drama actress, Maya Ali. Directed by Ahsan Rahim,...
    2018-07-20 387 0
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    Q.A with Female Personal Trainer Sanaa Khan

    1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am currently 19 years old and working two jobs. I am working full time as an IT project lead for a bank, however, I am also...
    2018-07-10 454 0
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      What are you currently working on? I am working on a few International projects.  As a songwriter, I get to write for a lot of artists! Some tracks you may even know! But the main...
    2018-07-03 401 0
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    How do you feel being back on the music scene? And what else can we expect from you?   We actually never left the music scene! We have been on constant tours internationally and I guess...
    2018-05-06 366 0
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    Q/A with ANJ BAIG

    Can you tell us about the journey until now in the industry, has it been difficult? It is never a straight path, the journey will always be full of ups and downs and many bumps, but...
    2018-05-06 496 0
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    Q/A with TJ

    What was the first song you downloaded? I remember downloading Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab, literally most of his tracks, he had such an amazing selection of music. What was your first concert you went too?...
    2018-05-06 691 0
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    Rahat Shah: Interview

    Q1- How tough is it to become a professional bodybuilder?   “It is very tough. Once you get on the stage that is the time to really enjoy yourself and show off the hard work that...
    2018-03-21 637 0
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