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Grilled Chicken Shatkora with Pickle and Chapatis
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    Recipes for Ramadan! These kebabs are guaranteed to please. They are easy to make and packed full of flavour. Seasoned minced lamb is formed around skewers and grilled on the barbecue. Ingredients Makes: 8 kofta kebabs 900g lean...
    2018-05-02 75 0
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    Celebrate Vegetarian Week with an Oriental Twist

    Get your selection of fresh veggies at the ready to celebrate Vegetarian Week (14-20 May). If you’re looking for some culinary inspiration, look no further. Wing Yip, the UK’s largest Oriental grocer, offers an array of...
    2018-04-26 214 0
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    Coconut Pachadi

    If you like side dips and raitas, then you must try the south-Indian equivalent. Pachadi, made by combining thick curds with vegetables, is tempered to add irresistible aroma. Try out our coconut and curd pachadi with...
    2018-04-10 292 0
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    Conor Bird wins National Oriental Cookery Young Chef of the year 2018

    A talented young chef from Essex has been crowned Wing Yip Oriental Cookery Young Chef of the Year 2018. Conor Bird, 22, from the House of Commons, battled it out in a competitive cook-off at University...
    2018-04-03 382 0
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    Bake a show stopping cake for Easter. This one is so easy and the kids can decorate it by filling the pretzel nest with their favourite chocolate eggs. Prep: 45 MINS COOK: 30 MINS PLUS A...
    2018-03-29 430 0
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    Go Vegan this January with Oriental flavours from Wing Yip

    You don’t have to eat meat to enjoy the authentic flavours of an Oriental meal. With Veganuary on the horizon, it’s time to stock up on fresh vegetables and create a mouth-watering recipe for everyone to...
    2018-01-17 518 0
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    Maria’s Kitchen

    Go and check out her blog… Homemade Fish and Chips Supper! Good old fashioned fish and chips is steeped in British history and no matter where you look – on the seaside, on the high...
    2018-01-02 535 0
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