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    Toblerone Takes Hit from Far-Right Supporters for ‘Halal’ Certification

    Toblerone has surprisingly become the target of a boycott from far-right wing supporters, as shown by recent statements released on social media. The US-based manufacturer Mondelez which produces the Swiss delicacy declared that the product has...
    2019-01-14 206 0
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    Popularity of the Robust Street Foods

    Street Food literally means food which is sold on the streets by the hawkers or vendors. It is food which can be easily carried away by the people and eaten by walking or standing. Today people...
    2019-01-10 193 0
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    Vegetarian and vegan consumers unhappy with lack of product options

    Research reveals many vegans and vegetarians are dissatisfied with product options Almost half of vegans and a quarter of vegetarians are dissatisfied with the choice of food products available to them, new research has revealed. Specialist...
    2019-01-06 243 0
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    Bombay potatoes

      Preparation time less than 30 mins   Cooking time 10 to 30 mins   Serves 4     These simply spiced potatoes are one of the most popular Indian side dishes. Serve as part of...
    2018-11-05 256 0
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    The Ultimate Masala Tea

    Preparation time less than 30 mins   Cooking time 10 to 30 mins   Serves 1 cup   For me this is the ultimate cuppa. It is what women across India make whenever they have friends...
    2018-11-04 268 0
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    Winners for the 8th English Curry Awards

    Winners for the 8th English Curry Awards 2018 have been revealed after a glamorous, black-tie awards ceremony was held at the Copthorne Hotel Merry Hill in Dudley.   The much-anticipated annual awards aim to recognise and...
    2018-11-01 608 0
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    Add flavour to your delicious evening with paneer pizza. Try out this quick, easy to make recipe. Ingredients Ready- made Pizza Crust – 1, medium size Pizza Sauce – 4 tblsp Paneer – 100g cubed Green...
    2018-09-10 439 0
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