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    Rains will jeopardise Sudan

    Agencies fear that constant rain will cause flooding and spread disease. Seasonal rains due in Sudan and South Sudan will exacerbate already dire conditions in refugee camps, restrict travel and access, and heighten the risk of...
    2012-06-13 1057 0
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    American brewery rename “Kali-Ma” beer after Hindus’ protest

    Portland-based Burnside Brewing Company, which announced to release it’s “Kali-Ma” beer on May 15; has apologized, postponed the release and would rename it. In an announcement published on their Facebook page, the Company wrote, “In response...
    2012-06-13 992 0
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    Creation Theatre and Oxfam present Shakespeare theatre from the occupied Palestinian territory Oxford’s own Creation Theatre Company and global development charity Oxfam have teamed up to present Ashtar Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s Richard II in Oxford,...
    2012-05-14 940 0
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    An elephant caused panic at a Hindu festival in southern India when it went on a rampage. The animal, known as Kalidasan, went ran aimlessly, causing crowds in Kerela to run away in fear. The animal...
    2012-05-14 874 0
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    A talking budgie was returned to its Japanese owner after it told police officers her entire address. The male bird, known as Piko-chan, flew from his owner’s home in the Sagamihara district of Yokohama and ended...
    2012-05-14 1065 0
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    North Wales and China build bridges through Confucius

    By William Walker. For two enormously different legal systems across two very different countries Chinese bonds are being forged with the UK in a small town on the North Wales coast. Bangor University is to be...
    2012-05-14 934 0
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    Hong Kong to become ‘no birth zone’ for Chinese mothers

    By William Walker. Since British sovereignty was relinquished in 1997 Hong Kong has become somewhat of an envy for the many onlookers of the so-close, yet so-far mainland. As a Special Administrative Region, it can effectively...
    2012-05-14 1038 0
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    Little boy and his grandparents have spent a year in jail because proving that they are Indian Nationals has taken a long time to confirm.   A five-year-old boy and his grandparents are trapped in a...
    2012-04-25 971 0
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    PEES AND Q’n’As

    PEES AND Q’N’ASActivists demand that women use public toilets for free. A campaign has been launched in Mumbai to demand better toilet facilities for women. Activists are angered that women have to pay to use public...
    2012-04-25 962 0
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    Sri Lankan Muslims urge hardline Buddhists not to demolish mosque. Sri Lankan Muslims have accused Buddhists in the country of trying to destroy the peace between the main ethnic communities. The group made the statement three...
    2012-04-25 900 0
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