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    Hindus want historical atrocities on Gypsies be included in school textbooks of Europe

    Hindus stress that apartheid, atrocities, repression and persecution faced by Roma (Gypsies) in Europe for centuries should be included in the history textbooks of European schools. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA)...
    2012-03-05 901 0
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    Asian firm Proview in iPad trademark battle with Apple. A Chinese electronics company is trying to stop technology giant Apple from using the iPad name in China, suing the company for an unspecified amount. Proview launched...
    2012-02-28 1387 0
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    Libya’s doom and gloom

    By Haider Ali. In Libya a disaster looms mainly due to tribal factions beginning to wage war upon one another. This has been highly exacerbated by the intervention of NATO and its no fly zone. Toppling...
    2012-02-28 1217 0
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    Israel’s diplomat attacked in India

    By Haider Ali. Last month, an attempted assassination plot failed to bear fruit in India and Georgia as Israeli diplomats were targeted. The first attack was aimed at the wife of an Israeli diplomat in New...
    2012-02-28 1067 0
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    Nearly 40 children have been killed by a ferocious winter in Afghanistan in the past month. 24 children were killed in refugee camps in Kabul, which sheltered thousands of Afghans running from Taliban threat. The recent...
    2012-02-23 881 0
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    Hollywood director to helm Osama Bin Laden assassination in India.  Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow is to shoot her new film, which centres on the last days of Osama Bin Laden, in Rajasthan. The 60-year-old will be...
    2012-02-23 944 0
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    By William Walker. Largest Indian district goes to the polls as candidates target religion and caste. India is a powerhouse of development. For a populous that far exceeds one billion denizens, it boasts the world’s ninth...
    2012-02-22 1251 0
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    Tourism rates change in Pakistan

    By Iyma Atiq. The past few months have seen plenty of incidents take place in Pakistan and it seems that tourism in the country has been affected as figures show that numbers of tourists in the...
    2012-02-22 1182 0
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    India is on track to become officially free of polio by the World Health Organisation. A new case of the disease has not been recorded since January last year and it is believed that if this...
    2012-02-21 1082 0
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    Kerala Monkeys to be trained to pick coconuts for traders Monkeys in Kerala are to be trained to pick coconuts because local palm tree climbers refuse to take the risk for low wages. The state government...
    2012-02-21 1231 0
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