VIP Events Worldwide launched its first event at the Ramada Hotel in Solihull

VIP Events Worldwide launched its first event at the Ramada Hotel in Solihull. The event was hosted by renowned broadcaster and Ambassador Gary Newbon along with a panel of organisers who answered questions from the audience. It was attended by, aspiring businessmen, and owners of local and international small to medium enterprises. The launch was a good platform for individuals who are ambitious of expanding their business and are committed to boosting the trade, locally as well as internationally.

The main objective of VIP Events Worldwide is to create an environment and lend a helping hand to business partners to position their products and services at the trade shows- to enable them to develop relationships with like-minded and focused companies and buyers. This is a great opportunity for stakeholders- buyers and suppliers to come together in prime locations across the globe to network and promote their brand to a wider market.

The first Business Trade Show is being organised on 18th February 2018, which will be followed by a prestigious International Business Recognition Ceremony and Gala Dinner on 19th February at The New Bingley Hall in Birmingham.

Gary Newbon is one of the ambassadors for VIP Events Worldwide. He has been a broadcaster on television for the last 49 years and has covered seven World Cup football finals, three Olympic Games, and the European Champions Football. He has also presented over 10,000 television programmes. In this interview, Newbon gives us a deeper understanding into the trade shows that will be hosted by VIP Events Worldwide.

What has been your experience as an ambassador for VIP Events Worldwide? What are your thoughts on the entire launch?

My varied experience as a host on television for 49 years has enabled me to provide the team with a lot of advice. I have had an input in helping them steer in the right direction. I also think this is very important as the Asian community is growing fast in this area, and they are playing a leading role, both in the politics and the business life. The community is bringing a lot to the table and this is the first time we have an international trade fair that is solely run by the Asian community in Birmingham. The city has developed amazingly in the 45 years that I have been living here. They have made some terrific changes.

What makes this trade exhibition different from the others?

The other trade exhibitions have been primarily British and international. They also haven’t had the Bangladeshi influence. The President, Dr Moula Miah has spent a lot of time in getting a lot of Bangladeshi enterprises, businesses and politicians in coming to the event so that’s what makes it different. It is Asian led as against an exhibition led by British firms and that’s what makes it particularly interesting as far as I am concerned.

How do you think Asian businesses will benefit from this?

This is a good place to meet other people and talk to business people, swapping business cards, meeting those who have similar business interests, the ability to swap ideas and contacts. It is all about knowing people and being introduced to them while developing a good professional relationship.

How many people are you expecting to turn up at the event?

Well, we are expecting 6000 people for the first day. There are going to be a lot of stalls and exhibitors. And about 600 at the Gala Dinner, the following day.

Any plans on future events?

Yes absolutely! Will they be held in Birmingham or some other part of UK? As far as UK is concerned I think Birmingham is the place and the right place to stage it. Internationally we have a lot of exciting ideas. We hope to repeat this next year in 2019. Certainly, there is a big interest in Bangladesh. I think this is the start of a very exciting journey.

And how do you think this will affect the economy of the West Midlands?

Well, it can only help. I think the economy will be strengthened. Maybe not enormously but realistically and it will bring money into the city. It is very important that Birmingham has become a big exhibition centre with the NEC arena. It is significant to the economy to keep these exhibitions going.

What do you think about this launch of trade exhibitions by the Asian community with regards to Brexit?

I think with Brexit coming up it is important to develop international links outside of Europe as well.

How do you like being the host?

It is an unusual experience. I have never done this before. I am an ambassador for a lot of events and I do a lot of speaking but this is the first time that I am involved and one of the reasons why I am part of this is because Dr Moula Miah is a good friend of mine. We live in the same neighbourhood and I have known him for a long time. He approached me and I support him. I think he will make it a big success. I am delighted to lend my name and to host the press conference and the Gala Dinner.

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