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    CAPSE Announces the China Travel Awards in UK

    At the 2018 Aviation Festival held in London, CAPSE (Civil Aviation Passenger Service Evaluation) and IAR (Institute for Aviation Research) jointly presented the China Travel Awards to many major global airlines, which attracted a large audience of over 120 airlines and airports, 150 exhibition booths and 3,000...
    2018-11-03 235 0
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    Business Woman’s 1000 Charitable Acts Launch “Human Kind” Movement

    Local mother-of-three Dani Saveker has completed her own legacy of kindness after performing one single act of charity every day, for the last three years. From leaving a free packet of sweets on a stranger’s car...
    2018-10-17 350 0
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    Women Are Taking Over The Beauty Industry

    Due to its lack of gender balance, the technology industry has been in the hot seat recently. However, it is not the only industry whose upper echelons remain male-dominated. According to reports the multibillion-dollar beauty industry...
    2018-10-17 300 0
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    Nearly every business has to go to the bank for funding assistance at some point, so I thought it would be helpful to outline some of the key ways to help yourself in getting the bank...
    2018-10-01 625 0
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    Increased Costs

    Sadly, we don’t live in a world where one can realistically be expected to save their money. It just doesn’t happen anymore! A few decades ago that could have happened but not anymore. It used to...
    2018-07-26 557 0
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    How to stop yourself from getting into debt

    Getting too deep in debt before you are even out of your twenties is a very bad. Learning how to plan for your future right now by understanding how not to get too deeply in debt...
    2018-07-17 554 0
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    Oil and gas deal soars

    With record-level deal-making in the first quarter of 2018, 90% of oil and gas executives now expect the global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market to improve in the next 12 months, up from 43% in April 2017....
    2018-07-03 376 0
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    The Royal British Legion the charitable partner of South Glos Expo

    Organisers of the second annual South Glos Expo have announced their charitable partner for the event will be the Royal British Legion in honour of D Day. Members of the Yate, Sodbury and District Branch of...
    2018-06-04 283 0
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    Interest Rates on Hold

    The Bank of England said the United Kingdom economy has hit a “short-lived soft spot” as the rate of interest prices was left on hold at 0.5%. The Bank reduced its development projection for the year...
    2018-05-31 542 0
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    Quincy Data

    Quincy Data, the industry-leading distributor of extremely low latency market data, delivered across the McKay Brothers’ microwave networks, was awarded “Best Low Latency Data/Technology Partner” at the 2018 Inside Market Data/Inside Reference Data Awards ceremony. Hosted by Inside...
    2018-05-24 375 0
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