Bitcoin could spiral out of control before a huge crash, experts have warned

Bitcoin could spiral out of control before a huge crash, experts have warned. Watch live
Bitcoin price update amid fears of a drop in the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been one of
the hottest topics over the past month, but it is a ticking time bomb.

A bubble or not?

Oliver Isaacs, a Cryptocurrency investor, believes the cash coin bubble will eventually
burst with massive consequences for investors. He said: “Personally I think Bitcoin will be the biggest bubble of our lifetime. “Bitcoin has already reached over $10,000 a coin, and it will not be long until Bitcoin valuations and prices continue to rise and spiral out of control.

“Currently if you invest in Bitcoin, you can make a significant amount of money, but
similar to investing in the Stock Market it is important to be cautious and prevent putting all your eggs in one basket. “Due to the lack of Bitcoin regulation, investing in Bitcoin is a risky business, and no one knows if or when Bitcoin will crash.”

However other analysts have argued that Bitcoin is not a bubble by pointing to the fact that there is a limited supply of Bitcoin. Only 21 million Bitcoins are available, basic
supply and demand of economics suggest that when things are scarce, and people
want those things, their value will ultimately rise. Therefore many argue that Bitcoin is
not a bubble waiting to burst but a groundbreaking advancement in accounting and

Has Bitcoin Peaked?

After Bitcoin reached over $20000 per Bitcoin, many analysts argue that Bitcoin has
indeed peaked and that it was just a matter of time before the value plunged. The value
of Bitcoin has dropped 25% since its peak to $15000 per coin.

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