Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies around the World

Intelligence agencies are the silent backbones of any country. A countries dependency on its Intelligence Agency is very crucial as these agencies work to collect all the data regarding...

Intelligence agencies are the silent backbones of any country. A countries dependency on its Intelligence Agency is very crucial as these agencies work to collect all the data regarding security threats and secrets.

These agencies have ears on every wall as they can know the in’s and out’s of a person’s daily life. This is what makes them dangerous, and at the same time, it is essential to monitor every single person in the nation, to avoid any security threats.

Let’s see the top 10 Intelligence agencies across the globe.

  1. ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) PAKISTAN:

Yes, Pakistan. You read that right. Pakistan’s ISI is often being considered as one of the top Intelligence agencies around the world. ISI is in Shahrah-e-soharwadi in Islamabad and founded in 1948. It is the backbone of Pakistan as it has been the brain for all its triumphs over the years.

  1. Mossad, Israel:

Established in 1949, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Mossad is amongst the top-secret agencies. Entebbe rescue is its masterpiece work. The way the mission was handled was interesting as Israel soldiers disguised themselves as Ugandan soldiers for a secret mission to free all the kidnapped Israelis.


  1. RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) India:

Established in 1968, headquartered in New Delhi, RAW’s main duty is to monitor the neighbouring enemies China and Pakistan. RAW has been very effective over the year to keep the nation at peace. It also maintains the secrecy of the all the nuclear researchers made in India. It plays a crucial role in Bangladesh’s independence as well.

  1. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) USA:

This secret agency was founded by US President Harry Truman in the year 1947. The main agenda of this agency is to provide intelligence to the President and the Cabinet. CIA has been the key to all the success of USA over the years.

Osama Bin laden’s encounter was one of its greatest triumphs. America remains as a superpower and has one of the most powerful secret agencies in the world.

  1. MI6 (Military Intelligence Section 6) UK:

Being one of the oldest Intelligence agencies, MI6 was founded in 1909, headquartered in London. The main theme of this agency is to coordinate with Intelligence committee, the internal security service and the government communications.

  1. BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) Germany:

Established in 1956 and headquartered in Pullach, BND is the best regarding surveillance system. It takes care of all the security threats over the country through its intelligence. Wiretapping and electronic surveillance have been their key work to get intelligence information. BND agents are spread across the globe.

  1. GRU (Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye), Russia:

Russia’s main intelligence agency GRU was founded in 1918 and headquartered in Moscow. This agency was formed as the Soviet Military Organisation, and it only engages in foreign activities. GRU is the backbone of Russia, and it has become a big threat to countries like America.

  1. ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service), Australia:

Founded in 1952, headquartered at Canberra, The Australian agency observation is all over the world. The agencies existence itself was not known for nearly 20 years and has been recognised first in 1977.

  1. DGSE (General Directorate for External Security), France:

Founded in 1982, headquartered in Paris, the DGSE has the recognition of stopping nearly 15 terrorist attacks in France after 9/11. The countries defence ministry controls this agency. Monitoring internal terrorists and monitoring around the borders of France is the main agenda of this agency.

  1. MSS (Ministry of State Security) China:

Established in 1983, this agency’s main agenda is to eliminate the enemies of the Communist Party of China. It is known as the replica of Russia’s former agency KGB as it is responsible for all the counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security.


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