Latest Trends on Social Media

By Khalid Kareem

1. Artificial Inteligence (AI) Lenses for Facebook & Instagram

The rise in popularity of Snapchat’s facial filters (artificial intelligence lenses) makes the platform more interactive, engaging and unique compared to others. However, social media marketers shouldn’t have to wait long until competitors start to catch up with their own facial lenses.

 2.More Customer Service Chatbots

Customer care should be on the minds of most businesses entering 2017. According to recent studies, the average number of social messages needing a response grew 18% year over year. This has many brands looking for ways to increase their customer service resources and more are turning to chatbots. Google Alo which has tried to take a chunk out of Whatsapp has already started to experiment with chat bot inside the platform.

3. Social Shopping & Instant Purchases

Social commerce isn’t slowing down and more networks are providing brands with easier ways to sell to customers. Instant purchases are available on Instagram, but social media trends point to faster sales across the board.

As 2017 kicks off, it’s important that you take some time to reflect on the past year and all of the changes to social landscape. I expect a lot of great changes to come in 2017, but it’s helpful to know what has worked and what hasn’t so you can carry those lessons with you in the New Year.

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