Happy New Year!! What will 2017 bring?

By Zaffar Haq

2016 has certainly been an eventful year with Britain voting to leave and in 2017 we face the monumental task of actually breaking away from a over 40 year relationship. The referendum created division within the country with those wanting to see Britain take back control of its borders – standing firmly in the leave camp and those wanting to see Britain stand united with its European allies standing firmly in the remain camp.

So, as the Prime-minister negotiates the deal for Britain to leave now its the time we all have to stand united  to make sure that we get the best deal possible not only for economic and political stability but also for safety and security of our country. However, the reality is that we do not know what Brexit means as yet!

Immigration globally is undoubtedly beneficial, despite that control on Immigration was one of the most controversial discussions during the Brexit debates – creating hostile views on both sides. Now that we have we have the outcome of the referendum, albeit an undesirable one for one half of the country, we have to put that behind us and come together as a nation in 2017 to make our country great again. So wherever you are, however you voted, and whichever political persuasion you belong to, as you make plans to welcome the new beginnings in 2017, I would like to put a humble request of unity from all our communities.

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