If you are a makeup lover than look away now as the image you are about to see will break your heart.

If you are a makeup lover than look away now as the image you are about to see will break your heart. The incident took place inside a Sephora store when an innocent child
destroyed every single makeup forever eyeshadow testers. The testers were smashed into tiny pieces. It was said that the child was temporarily left unattended by the mother.

The image was taken by a woman called Brittany Nelson, who said that the eyeshadow mess looked 100 times worse in real life than it did in the image. Brittany had posted the image straight on her facebook page. The post became popular amongst makeup lovers, and the post was shared at least 25,000 times.

She even estimated that the destroyed makeup, costs at least $1,300 which amounts to £980.24 in UK pounds. That is just shocking! Although there was something that
Brittany had said in her post that angered mothers. Her post read that ‘“Mammas, please shop for your makeup without your tiny humans.”

Her post lead to many mothers debating their views on Twitter, as most mothers claimed that it was hard to leave their child alone especially if you are a single mother.
Some mothers also found this to be funny and said that they were just testers and the note should’ve said that mothers should keep an eye on their children while shopping.

However, Brittany stated that she was confident in who was responsible for the mess as she said that as soon as she walked into Sephora, there was a mother and child there and the glittery footprints that were left, showed that it was a child. Although her post had angered some mothers, Nelson did state that she had certain rules for her and her child, when they go shopping together.

She said that her child has to put her hand in her pockets and the rule for her was that she is only allowed 10-minutes in the store so that her child doesn’t get too agitated

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