Launch of Indian Inspired Cakes- Providing for a Niche market

Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa and Barfi – popular Indian desserts which most of you must have heard of or even indulged in, but have you ever had it in...

Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa and Barfi – popular Indian desserts which most of you must have heard of or even indulged in, but have you ever had it in form of a cake? Chintal Kakaya fused together her passion for baking with her extensive knowledge of spices and flavours to create a modern range of Indian Inspired cakes in “ChinsKitchen,”.

Food Blogger Binita Shah stated: “I had the pleasure of trying the Cardamom, rose and pistachio cake and was awestruck by the amazing flavours created in the cake which replicated the taste of Gulab Jamun perfectly. It was truly an indulgent and delectable experience”
Chef Asma Khan stated: “The mithai cakes made by Chintal is an interesting take on merging dessert and two different traditions-the conventional cake is given an Indian twist with flavours from traditional Mithai or sweets.”

By using a unique approach and flair for creativity, Indian desserts have been transformed into cakes by using natural and good quality sourced ingredients to keep the flavours bold and texture light to send your senses wild. As a nation we all love to indulge in cakes, whether it is for a celebration or for leisure but trends keep changing to meet dietary requirements or lifestyle changes.

An Indian inspired cake was a concept born following several requests for a modern twist on Indian desserts and sweets. Chinskitchen brought together traditional Indian desserts and modern cakes together to create a fusion of flavours and style to provide for a niche market. What makes Chinskitchen cakes different is the unique blend of flavours created with spices. From the 7 delicious flavours on offer, 4 of them can be created egg free without compromising on flavour, taste or texture – all important aspects of a delicious cake. You can choose from the following:

**Cardamom, Rose and Pistachio : A light sponge delicately infused with natural rose and warm cardamom, covered in whipped rose butter cream and garnished with vibrant pistachios and fragrant dried rose petals.

Lime, coconut and white chocolate:A coconut and cardamom sponge lightly soaked with zesty lime syrup. Dressed in white chocolate buttercream and finished with delicate coconut chips.
Indian spiced Carrot Cake with Salted Caramel:Delicately spiced carrot cake with hint of orange zest, covered in saffron butter cream and laced in a rich sweet and salty caramel sauce finished with roasted pistachios, almonds and edible flowers.

**Spiced Dark Chocolate and Cherry Cake:Pure cocoa enriched chocolate sponge bursting with juicy, dark sweet cherries balanced with cardamom, covered in a creamy chocolate ganache.

**Spiced Vanilla and Chocolate cake :Soft milk vanilla sponge infused with a touch of warm spice, covered in chocolate ganache.

Hand finished with almonds and pistachios
**Coconut, Orange and Pistachio Cake:A nutty combination of pistachio and coconut sponge, lightly spiced and covered with orange infused white chocolate buttercream Finished with roasted pistachios and orange zest

Spiced Coffee and Chocolate Cake: An indulging combination of spiced coffee and dark chocolate sponge covered in chocolate buttercream. Finished with pistachios/Almonds and blueberries.

** Eggfree option available
Chinskitchen is a small home based business based in Hillingdon UK. Owner Chintal Kakaya has been a passionate baker since the age of 12 and has been a finalist in a few competitions as well as successfully winning one.

Chintal says “ with my knowledge of spices and chemistry with baking I like being creative with flavours to bring a different product to the table, a cake which is appealing to the eye as well as delectable in taste. My journey to create a bespoke range of flavours has been welcomed positively and my alchemy of flavours saw me through to the finals of a competition run by Wrights Baking and Borders Biscuits, I am so delighted with the positive response from those who have tried the selection of cakes on offer and others who have been “wowed” by the concept”

So if you’re looking for a special Indian inspired cake for a celebration, event or even to share with family and friends order a cake from Chinskitchen. For further information please visit This is a part time run business so orders placed dependent on availability. Cake sizes available in 6”, 8” and 10” round and prices start from £30.00.

About Chinskitchen:

Owner Chintal Kakaya started up a food blog in 2013 to share her creations and recipes. Indian inspired cake range was launched in October 2014. Each cake is hand crafted to ensure quality and cake designs reflect the natural rustic look which can be modified as per requirement.

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