Artist of the Month- Gurcharan Khanpur Bhujhangy

By Emb Hashmi This editions Asian World artist of the month is a legendary Bhangra group who are not just multi award winners but also hold a long family...

By Emb Hashmi
This editions Asian World artist of the month is a legendary Bhangra group who are not just multi award winners but also hold a long family connection with the Bhangra music industry.

Who is Gurcharan Khanpur Bhujhangy?
I am the eldest son of Dalbir Khanpur Bhujhangy and I have one brother Herjinder Khanpur Bhujhangy. I am a UK Punjabi Asian born in Smethwick, Birmingham.
As a group we enjoy performing and love UK Bhangra Music.

Is music you main passion in life?
I have a strong passion for music which is very important in my life so much so I have been performing with my family group as a band member, which is the Bhujhangy Group.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have grown up around music with Bhujhangy Group from a young age, and have been performing on stage around for about thirty years, performing at wedding functions, Bhangra concerts, religious programme’s and I have also been performed live sessions on television and radio stations.
How many albums have Bhujhangy Group released since 1967?Altogether about Fifty albums. Which include UK Bhangra, Religious and Qawalis music.

Tell us about your famous late father? And was he your inspiration and the reason you entered the musical arena?
My late father Dalbir Singh Bhujhungy was the pioneer of Bhangra music. He introduced Bhangra music in the late 60s, his music has influenced other artists in the UK . Bhujhangy Group released their first EP in 1967 and that’s when UK Bhangra was founded, he has been a great inspiration to my brother and me. My father taught me so much about the music industry and gave me the opportunity to fulfil my musical ambition and the band he founded paved the way for other bands to follow.

Do you play any musical instruments?
Yes, I play the Congo’s, Bongos, Dhol, Dholak and Drums and percussion which I enjoy very much. I have been performing live in front of audiences all over the UK Ireland and Paris.

Tell us about your charity work?
I believe everyone should do some kind of charity work as its good to give back where it is needed the most. I have worked and raised money for the British Heart Foundation Charity, Birmingham Children Hospital, and Poppy’s Charity. I have also ran four Half Marathons in the UK.I have helped and perform with Bhujhangy Group for communities and temples to raise money for good causes. I also played Dhol nonstop at the Walsall Santa Run for Christmas to raise for money for Acorn Charity.

Tell us about the Tribute Charity Concert for your father Dalbir Khanpur Bhujhangy?
R.I.P Dalbir Khanpur Bhujhangy Group
We highly respect our Dad and Mum and our elders. We wanted to do this because our father passed away sadly due to a heart attack, this led us to the choice of the British Heart Foundation Charity for the donations to go to which is a great cause.
The other reason is my father enjoyed and performed on stage most of his life as a singer and musician and we both performed with him on stage. That’s why we are organising the tribute concert. Many artists will be performing on the night. We have had fantastic support and help from everyone. A special thank you to each and everyone’s love and support to help us regarding the tribute charity concert for our father Dalbir Bhujhangy on 30th November Tower Ballroom Birmingham.

What is your favourite song of all time?
Gidhe Vich Nach Bailye and so many more.

Who is the most famous person you have performed for?
My dad Dalbir Khanpur and the whole band of Bhujhangy Group

What is in your future?
The future is to enjoy life and stay happy and healthy. My brother Herjinder Khanpur Bhujhangy and I will be releasing a tribute album for our father, Dalbir Khnapur Bhujhangy with M.Auybb. OSA Label this month.
We would like to say a special thank you to Emb Hashmi from Asian World. We would also like to say a big thank to all the readers ,media, TV, Radio, our friends and fans and our family’s, Bhujhangy Group, musicians and Bhangra bands.

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