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    For the first time ever the West Midlands can vote for their own Police commissioner, whose job it will be to act as a bridge between members of the public and the police. The new role...
    2012-11-12 609 0
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    Miss India UK dreams shattered

    By Emb Hashmi Deana Uppal the winner of the Miss India UK pageant and former big Brother contestant has had a grueling and pain staking time after falling for the Miss India UK pageant. She paid...
    2012-11-12 998 0
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    Britain’s richest men’s 2 year old found hung

    By Emb Hashmi The two-year-old daughter of one of is found hanged on a blind cord by her mother at their £12 million home in the affluent Notting Hill area of London. Alexandra Lucy was born...
    2012-11-12 509 0
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    Local Dignitary supports local Enterprise

    A Local Dignitary has offered to fund a young person’s apprenticeship, to support a Birmingham based enterprise; which provides unemployed young people with practical experience and training to start their own business. Lord Digby Baron Jones...
    2012-11-12 602 0
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    Kashmir Black Day Protests

    By Emb Hashmi Every year, since 1947 during the 27th of October Kashmiris all over the world observed Kashmir Black Day, as Muslims internationally express solidarity with the people of Jummu and Kashmir. Through many forms...
    2012-11-12 528 0
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    Abdullah & the PM

    By Emb Hashmi Abdullah is a community activist who has dedicated most of his life to helping and supporting people and organisations in his local community. So when this dedication was recognised by the Prime Minister...
    2012-11-12 620 0
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    1000 Roses for the Prophet

    By Emb Hashmi A group of enterprising young people decided to bring harmony to Birmingham, after weeks of outrage over the Blasphemous videos of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they dissented outside the Bullring Shopping Centre, in...
    2012-11-12 542 0
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    Published Authors at 21 years old

    By Emb Hashmi Amna and Kiran are two enterprising 21 year old, whose ambition has proved viable as they have already researched written and had their first book published online. The book ‘Attain Knowledge’ is available...
    2012-11-12 588 0
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    German quits the Taliban

    A German man who once offered to fight for the notorious Taliban abandoned his post with them after becoming dismayed by the violence and infuriated with the group’s macho and drug-taking world. The previous fighter also...
    2012-11-12 542 0
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    M15 Recruiting Youth

    By Emb Hashmi M15 with the British government is recruiting youth apprentice detectives and code breakers, they do not have to have a university degree or nay formal training. It said they are trialing this new...
    2012-11-12 535 0
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