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    The 4th Asian Football Awards

    The 4th Asian Football Awards took place in London at the prestigious Grange St Paul’s Hotel. The awards were set up to reward Asians in the footballing world, and to give them the recognition they deserve....
    2017-12-22 589 0
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    Bollyfit with Reema Sarin

    Ab-solute Fitness You can do crunches all day long, but they won’t automatically whittle your middle. It takes regular aerobic exercise to get rid of the layer of fat over your abdomen. However, strong “core” muscles...
    2017-12-14 482 0
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    Adrian Wright, the CEO of Sporting Group International sat down with Asian World to talk to us about the upcoming Indian Super League, West Bromwich Albion and all things football. Q. How did you get involved...
    2017-12-13 485 0
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    First Ever Cricket Game On 10 Downing St. Led By British Pakistani

    Saba Nasim, a British Pakistani female cricket coach led the first ever cricket game on Downing Street, as Prime Minister Theresa May was a keen spectator on the sidelines. Popular cricket players such as Stuart Broad...
    2017-11-09 502 0
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