Priti Sushil Patel is a British politician and has been a Member of Parliament for the Witham Constituency in Essex, since 2010.Priti was the Secretary of State for the International Development from July 2016 to November 2017.

However, Priti was fired from Theresa May’s cabinet after it was reported that Priti had embarrassed the Prime Minister by holding private secret meetings with top Israeli politicians. Theresa had, in fact, forced Priti to leave downing secret after she was
caught secretly meeting with Israeli Politicians and did not inform anyone of the details of the meetings. Although Priti was given a chance to disclose all the details regarding the meetings, Patel withheld some information from the Prime Minister, which angered her, resorting to Patel being sacked from Downing Street.

Ms Patel did write to Ms May, stating that she accepted that she had in fact met with politicians and organisations while on holiday in Israel and she is aware that her actions are below the high standards that are expected from the Secretary of state.

According to reports, Priti was travelling to Israel for 13 days and had ignored the rules that she should’ve reported to the Foreign Office about the meetings, and due to this, she had embarrassed the Prime Minister, who wasn’t aware that these meetings had
taken place.

Priti made a public apology for her actions and accepted that she should’ve acted with the usual procedures. Patel was called into a meeting with Ms May to discuss the meetings that took place in Israel, and it was reported that she had 12 altogether.

However, it was reported that Patel had not shared other meetings that took place, where she discussed handing out UK cash to the Israeli army so that they can accomplish humanitarian operations in the Golan Heights and she had also visited an Israeli hospital. She also met with an Israeli minister, known as Gilad Erdan, who was in Westminster and even tweeted this.

A frontbencher reported to the independent, stating that he would’ve sacked her immediately as she had broken every single rule in the book

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