Researchers believe in life after death

The long-standing debate of whether there is life after death has possibly come to rest

The long-standing debate of whether there is life after death has possibly come to rest. British physicist Sir Roger Penrose concludes that the physical world that we live in is only our perception. When we die, it is only our physical bodies that meet their end, the rest of it exists in the form of quantum information.

Researchers Stuart Hameroff and Penrose have found evidence of the existence of “protein-based microtubules—a structural component of human cells—carry quantum information—information stored at a sub-atomic level.” This discovery reveals that when a person dies, the aforementioned quantum information is released from the microtubules into the universe.

Other researchers have also surmised that at the end of a person’s life, their consciousness travels to another universe. Another new theory by Robert Lanza about the existence of soul is explained in “Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death”. Lanza in this new scientific theory suggests
that human beings are immortal. As biocentrism hypothesizes, time and space are abstract concepts.

They are not as concrete a concept that we make them to be. Thus, Lanza deduces that
death is not a terminal event. Professor Hans-Peter Dur of Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich applies the “wave-particle dualism” of the smallest particles to the dualism between the body and the soul.

Dur believes that a universal code is applied to all living and dead matter- and thus agrees in existence after death. He explains his perspective in an interview. He says that life after death is an infinite reality which is much bigger than what we can comprehend.
Consequently, we are already rooted in the afterworld. Dur says that when he plans, he
makes a conscious decision to write his existence in the world in his brain which he calls ‘a sort of hard drive on the tangible’ In this way when he dies, he does not lose any information stored in his hard drive and in turn his consciousness. Thus, even though the body dies, the spiritual quantum field continues to exist.

Hence, he ergo the rest of the humans are immortal. The theories mentioned above
are recent ones. Each of them destroys our perception of death the finality which comes with it. Human beings leave behind something at the end of their life- some existence in Dur’s belief, their soul in Lanza’s theory, tremendous amounts of energy in Penrose’s research.

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