When Ranbir Kapoor crossed continents to be with Deepika

The much-loved Jodi made merry with song and dance There can be no Tamasha without Ranbir Kapoor. So even though her ‘hero’ is across the Atlantic, Deepika made an...

The much-loved Jodi made merry with song and dance

There can be no Tamasha without Ranbir Kapoor. So even though her ‘hero’ is across the Atlantic, Deepika made an SOS call to him last week to implore him to join her for an evening of music and dance at a suburban bistro.

The gentleman-actor who is in the midst of a hectic shoot in London which is into its final leg, couldn’t disappoint the lady and that evening, bridged the distance between them through a video conference call.

Deepika kept a poker-straight face as she kicked off the evening with her favorite song from the film ‘Tu Koi Aur Hai’, before suddenly springing a surprise on her guests, by getting RK online. Together, they reminisced about how difficult it was filming this number, which Ranbir loves too for its meaningful lyrics, as it was shot more like a scene than a song.

That meant that it had more to do with a play of emotions rather than the jhatkas and matkas mandatory to a Hollywood masala medley. Next up, was “Heer toh Badi Sad Hai” which, in a way, reinforces its composer AR Rahman’s sentiments, “What cannot be put into words can be expressed through music” — a line which was a part of the hand-written invite Deepika had sent out personally. This one has a sad ring to it but an upbeat tempo making it an unusual “happy-sad song” which makes one sigh and smile. But it was the chart-topping “Matargashti” which made their happy feet dance.

Deepika insisted that her co-star Ranbir join her and he did from the Queen’s City while she complimented his moves back in Mumbai. Love can cross continents, Yash Chopra had reiterated two decades ago, when Dilwale Raj had come down from London and wooed his Dulhania away with her bauji’s blessings. Twenty years later, RK and Deepika were being called the next Shah Rukh-Kajol Jodi. When this observation was made, RK, quick on the uptake, retorted, “I would rather we be called the first Ranbir-Deepika Jodi than the next SRK-Kajol.” The questions about star pairings continued to flow as one of her guests wondered if Deepika thought she looked good with Ranbir or Ranveer (Singh). “That’s for others to decide,” the actress said. RK borrowed the line when he was asked who he made a better match with: Katrina (Kaif) or Deepika? However, he did unbend to say that Deepika always looks good. Perio

Hired a professional to learn to mimic Dev Anand!

Ranbir Kapoor has been garnering praises for his Dev Anand act in the song ‘Matargashti’ from Tamasha. The actor stated that he wanted to do it properly so he hired a professional to learn.

Everyone including Deepika Padukone has been praising Ranbir Kapoor. When asked about the same, Ranbir said that as he wanted to mimic Dev sahab properly so he hired a professional to learn from him. “I wanted to learn to speak and act like Dev sahab so I hired a mimic artist. He taught me very nicely and that reflects in the song. I think for an actor it is important to learn the craft properly,” Ranbir said, adding that Imtiaz Ali wanted to give the ‘Hakuna matata’ feel to the song where two lovers or friends are having a good time and that’s why the song has been loved so much.

Don’t compare Ranbir-Deepika with me and Shah Rukh: Kajol

The Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone Jodi has been one of the most romantic pairings in Bollywood and there have been times when the pairing has been compared to the hit pairing of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. However, at an event recently, when Kajol was asked her opinion on this comparison, the actress quipped, “Honestly, I don’t think you can compare anybody to anybody. I cannot be like Deepika or she can’t be like me or we (SRK and me) cannot be like Deepika and Ranbir or vice-versa.” Kajol and Shah Rukh will be seen romancing each other in Rohit Shetty’s upcoming film Dilwale, while Ranbir and Deepika will be next seen opposite each other in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha.

Katrina Kaif isn’t worried about Ranbir, Deepika’s chemistry in ‘Tamasha’

Katrina Kaif is not worried about the sizzling chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in their upcoming film “Tamasha”.

According to Katrina’s spokesperson, the actress has not asked filmmaker Anurag Basu to fire up her chemistry with rumored boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor in their upcoming comedy-drama film “Jagga Jasoos”. “These rumors are clearly someone’s imagination running wild. Though this makes fodder for gossip, it is categorically and entirely untrue. These stories are misleading to the audience and fans in general. Such idle gossip is really avoidable and childish,” Katrina’s spokesperson said in a statement.

Deepika and Ranbir are returning together on the silver screen after a gap of two years with filmmaker Imtiaz Ali’s romantic drama film “Tamasha”.

Will watch ‘Tamasha’ for Imtiaz Ali: Karan Johar

Karan Johar says he will watch Deepika Padukone-Ranbir Kapoor starrer Tamasha because of its director Imtiaz Ali.

While fans are eagerly awaiting to see actors Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone return onscreen with “Tamasha”, filmmaker Karan Johar says he will watch the romantic drama film because of its director Imtiaz Ali. “Tamasha looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to watch Imtiaz’s movie. I am not watching it for Deepika and Ranbir, I am watching it for Imtiaz Ali,” Karan said in a statement.

Ranbir, who is currently shooting with Karan Johar in London, joined Deepika earlier this week via video conference to celebrate the success of the film’s music. However, what came as a surprise was the spontaneous appearance by Karan on the frame, who joined Ranbir and addressed the Tamasha team virtually. The trio has previously worked together in the 2013 film “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”, which Karan had produced under his banner Dharma Productions.

Deepika Padukone hosts ‘Tamasha’ musical night in Mumbai

Deepika Padukone said that unlike foreign cinema, music is a quintessential element in Indian cinema. The same holds true for Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming film Tamasha, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Siddharth Roy Kapur.

Last week, the actress took it upon herself to play host to a musical night that was peppered with effortless banter, surprises and a lot of Matargashti (pun intended!). The biggest surprise of the evening was Ranbir Kapoor, joining his Tamasha team on a video call from London. When he finally caught a glimpse of Deepika, he quipped, “Tum pehle bhi itni Khoobsurat thi ya waqt ne kiya koi haseen sitam,” quoting a pick-up line from their last film together. Ranbir sang a few lines from their happy-sad song ‘Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai’.

In picking personal favorites, the team was divided in their opinion. While Deepika and Siddharth chose ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’, Sajid picked ‘Matargashti’. Ranbir’s favorite number is ‘Wat Wat Wat’ which was released at the event and its peppy beats got the audience hooting. ‘Matargashti’ was the unanimous choice of the crowd present, and Ranbir and Deepika danced to this upbeat number.

Tamasha has a happy ending: Imtiaz Ali

From the time the trailer has been launched, Tamasha has been a talking point for several factors. Of course, the first and foremost reason is the fact that this relationship drama stars ex-lovers Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, whose last outing “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” broke box-office records. Their chemistry is more than visible in the promos of their upcoming film Tamasha as well.

Academy Award winner AR Rahman’s music is also adding to the magic of the couple. Another important reason why Tamasha has been making headlines is because of its director Imtiaz Ali. If you observe closely, the curly-haired filmmaker’s repertoire has films that are a complete mix of human emotions from romance to drama, humour to heartbreak. Given his last two movies — Rockstar and Highway — concluded on an unfortunate note, people are sceptical about how his upcoming film Tamasha ends.

It’s clear from the trailer that Tamasha isn’t a quintessential romantic comedy. Despite the promos’ breezy beginning, it is evident that the characters go through their journey of togetherness and separation. There is a lot of curiosity among audiences about the film’s climax. While the actors have remained tight-lipped, Imtiaz has decided to come clean. “A lot of my relatives and friends asked me whether Tamasha has an ending like Rockstar or like Love Aaj Kal, Jab We Met and Socha Na Tha. I want to assure everyone that Tamasha has a happy ending and people will feel elated. I guess, all of us like happy endings. The film is filled with different kinds of emotions but when you leave the theatre, you will be smiling,” says the director. That’s exactly what the viewers want to hear… that amidst all the love, fun, song and dance; this movie has a soul too. Sajid adds, “The combination of Ranbir, Deepika and Imtiaz is certainly one of the most exciting talent pool of the present times. RK and Deepika as a pair have a very happy vibe and the film is clearly reflecting that.”

Tamasha, presented by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and UTV Motion Pictures, releases November 27

Deepika’s Hollywood Dreams

Deepika Padukone is ready to take up opportunities in Hollywood. While talking about the music of her upcoming movie Tamasha with Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika said, “I think our music makes Indian movies unique, as compared to other films around the world. And it’s a landmark in one’s career when Rahman sir composes music for your film. We had a great time shooting for Tamasha songs.”

Ask Deepika what’s her favorite song in Tamasha? And she says, “Alka Yagnik-Arijit Singh number Agar tum Saath ho because it reminds you of people who have experienced love.” Deepika also made an appearance last week at a MAMI event and expressed her willingness to explore cinema around the globe. “I am interested in doing Hollywood films. I am ready to explore working in the West. I am ambitious and I am here (in Bollywood) too for a long time,” she said.

Deepika may be cresting a wave of successful releases but she insists that she has not changed with fame. She said, “I wash dishes at home…I did some last night,” she added. Deepika reiterated that her parents and friends support her completely. “They continue doing their work and they know I am going to do my work. My father would lock me up if I change,” she laughed.

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