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    Published Authors at 21 years old

    By Emb Hashmi Amna and Kiran are two enterprising 21 year old, whose ambition has proved viable as they have already researched written and had their first book published online. The book ‘Attain Knowledge’ is available...
    2012-11-12 654 0
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    German quits the Taliban

    A German man who once offered to fight for the notorious Taliban abandoned his post with them after becoming dismayed by the violence and infuriated with the group’s macho and drug-taking world. The previous fighter also...
    2012-11-12 611 0
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    M15 Recruiting Youth

    By Emb Hashmi M15 with the British government is recruiting youth apprentice detectives and code breakers, they do not have to have a university degree or nay formal training. It said they are trialing this new...
    2012-11-12 590 0
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    Painful Pitfalls of Perfect Punjab

    By Emb Hashmi Express Punjab – Drug Pandemic in Punjab Express Punjab is a powerful and educational documentary highlighting the serious and damming effects of drug abuse in the state of Punjab in India. Express Punjab...
    2012-11-12 611 0
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    Nabila has suffered in the hands of a trusted respected member of the community who took her innocence. Nabila Sharma was born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the youngest of five siblings and the only...
    2012-11-12 497 0
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    Church of England Ban Hindus Yoga

    Hindus are disheartened over a church affiliated to Church of England banning yoga in its premises. According to reports, St. Andrew’s Church and Centre, opened in 1999 in Dibden Purlieu, banned an 81 years old Christian...
    2012-10-31 699 0
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    Ibiza party girl turn to Islam

    27 year old Heather Matthews has gone from one island party animal to inspiring Muslim. She has had to cover her bikini body from head to toe, but it sounds like this was her destiny, she...
    2012-10-31 619 0
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    Immigrants more British than the British

    MP Sadiq Khan Claims that the horde of new immigrants entering the UK know more about the country’s history than many native Britons. Labour justice spokesman Sadiq Khan has said “that it ‘frustrated’ him to see...
    2012-10-31 576 0
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    1000 Roses for the Prophet

    A group of enterprising young people decided to bring harmony to Birmingham, after weeks of outrage over the Blasphemous videos of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they dissented outside the Bullring Shopping Centre, in central Birmingham, and...
    2012-10-31 569 0
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    Eshan falls into Coma after a day at nursery

    Nursery fined £23,000 after 3 year old plunged 15 feet Eshan Ahmed with mum Sabrina and (right) nursery owner Irshad Ahmed Little Hippos Nursery and Day Care Centre at 318 Summer Lane, in Newtown, have been...
    2012-10-09 646 0
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