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    Mani Liaqat: Becoming a comedian

    Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you going to let me in? Ok, my jokes might not be up to standard, but British Asian actor and funny man, Mani Liaqat will certainly tickle a...
    2015-03-11 3096 0
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    Spring Hairstyles To Turn Heads

    With Spring almost upon us, there has never been a better time to change your look and experiment with a new hairstyle. Hairstylist to the stars Asgar has put together four of this season’s most sought...
    2015-03-11 2114 0
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    Desi’s in Disney?

    Walt Disney Records will release the original motion picture soundtrack for Cinderella on March 10, 2015. The album features original music by Patrick Doyle (“Brave,” “Thor”) marking the eleventh time Doyle has teamed with director Kenneth Branagh. The score was recorded at...
    2015-03-11 3260 0
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    Electric-Bhangra fusion band Swami release ‘Do It Again’.

    The Desi pop band launched their single ‘Do It Again’ from their latest album ‘Upgrade’ on Saturday 13th December 2014 at the Electric Club in their home town, Birmingham. The band founded in 1998 by fellow...
    2015-01-14 2820 0
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    Asians recognised in New Years Honours list

    Thousands of British Asians gathered all across the country to celebrate their newly appointed titles given by the Queen herself, in this year’s New Years Honours list. Comedy actress Meera Syal was amongst the horde, who...
    2015-01-14 2054 0
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    AN INDIAN FILM MAKER STICKS HIS NECK OUT TO MAKE A FILM ON ENVIRONMENT For the world Hindi cinema last 2-3 years have been rather fortuitous as it has seen emergence of new breed of film...
    2015-01-14 3798 0
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    Culture Corner

    Welcome to the Culture Corner! This month I have picked five books for children and young adults that recognise the ethnic diversity within Britain, and how multicultural authors celebrate South Asians by bringing the cultures to...
    2015-01-14 2561 0
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    Releases of January 2015

    January after advent of Aamir Khan and his slot for release of his films in and around Christmas time turns out to be a very cruel month for the films as the euphoria that Aamir Khan’s...
    2015-01-14 2657 0
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    Beards are hot in fashion

    Whether they are celebrities of Bollywood or heart throbs of Pakistan’s drama industry; famous leading models or cricket heroes to millions of fans, growing a beard is becoming a fashion in men’s fashion. The beard is...
    2015-01-14 7702 0
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    Anand Karaj ceremony challenged

    The arduous task of planning a wedding is demanding- to say the least. Choosing the right caterers, picking the perfect venue and of course the all important colour co-ordinated outfits, are all part and parcel of...
    2015-01-14 3569 0
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