Tips to have an Enjoyable journey during Christmas

Christmas is the month of celebration as well as the month of enjoying the holidays. People love to spend their time with their loved ones, and for this, they...

Christmas is the month of celebration as well as the month of enjoying the holidays. People love to spend their time with their loved ones, and for this, they travel from one place to another. During this festive season, airports are busy with the hustle and bustle of the travellers. Due to the hectic scheduling of flights and weather conditions, passengers have to face a lot of problems staying at the airport. However, these problems can be positively solved by only using a few tricks which before planning to travel on Christmas. 


1.) Before booking tickets, check the airline’s rules because during the holidays due to busy gates, airlines change their regulations and also amend ground transportation cost, baggage fees, extra legroom fees, etc. Many airline credit cardholders get free checked bags and other perks too. 


2.) Avoid booking tickets from the busiest airports; try to find those airports through which you can conveniently travel with a much lesser crowd. 


3.) Send your Christmas gifts through a courier so that you get some more space in your bags to put necessary things and also to lighten the weight. 


4.) Keep all your essential items like medicines, travelling documents, fragile items and valuable items in your carry bag so that if by chance your bags are delayed, you have all of your necessary items on hand. 



5.) Check flight delays before leaving the airport and do have a print copy of your E-Ticket handy. 


6.) Arrive early as there is a lot of traffic which you have to face on the road, as well as at the airport parking. There also may be long queues at the security check-in. 


7.) To spend hours at the airport due to a delay is a bit of a difficult task. So the easy solution is to find additional highlights of airports like museums, meditation rooms, yoga rooms etc. One of the best examples is Singapore Changi Airport, where you will find so many things to spend your time like the Arrival garden, Birds in flight, Butterfly garden, Crystal garden, Forest valley, Hedge maze, etc. These things will keep you and your kids busy till you get on your flight. 


8.) Always be calm and stress-free, take a deep breath and carry a positive attitude because you will have to face lots of problems at the airport and even on flights as they will be overcrowded. Never take out your frustration on the ground staff or the crew members as they are working for you to the best of their ability. Handling a massive crowd at one time is not an easy job, so be polite and do wish “Happy Christmas” with a smile to give a little happiness to them also. 


9.) If you face any issue at the airport, then Twitter is the best issue solver for you at that time. Just tweet on twitter by tagging that airline company, soon your problem will be resolved. As many airlines are very responsive to their customers on Twitter. 


10.) If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, go for plan B and opt for another flight so that you can reach your destination. Keep tracking your flight time. 


Captain Felipe Castro ( Instagram A/c: felipe.castro__b737ng ) who is a commercial pilot from Brazil says: “When I travel by plane with my family, especially on Christmas, one thing I keep in mind is: PATIENCE. Airports are full of people and December is the month when weather conditions are not good, and due to this most of the time, it causes delays. Airports get closed because of heavy rain, and we have to wait for about 40 minutes to get the airport operating normally. But most people don’t understand this situation and blame the airline’s staff for it.” 


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