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    My Lahore Review

        My Lahore is a British Asian Kitchen named after one of the most populated and bustling cities in Pakistan. A cultural hub famous for its progressive and cosmopolitan characteristics, the restaurant chain has taken...
    2019-11-25 697 0
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    Ngopi Café Review

    Ngopi, a cute little corner café on Dale End, is home to the authentic flavours of Indonesia, and serves only the richest blends of traditionally grown and home-brewed coffee. A literal translation of the phrase “Ngopi”...
    2019-11-21 643 0
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    Take Yourself Back to the Heart of South Asia

    Mouchak Street is a grill & gourmet restaurant & takeaway based in the heart of Coventry Road, Birmingham.  The chefs at Mouchak Street serve fresh hand stretched pizza, home-made gourmet burgers and fresh grill food, using only the...
    2019-11-19 590 0
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    Sarah Ali Choudhury Speaks on Behalf of the UK Asian Culinary Industry

    Dorset Chef and Indian Food Expert Sarah Ali Choudhury recently presented a programme for BBC’s Inside Out highlighting Women in the Curry Industry.  The programme featured locally, nationally and was translated and distributed internationally making global news...
    2019-11-12 1225 0
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    Will you eat this bread

    Pesticides are sprayed heavily on grains, it may not be the gluten that you are sensitive to, it may rather be the high pesticide content that is causing you the gastrointestinal issues! Toxicity in food comes...
    2019-11-11 411 0
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    Beverage Universe Shares The Benefits of Drinking Water

    Water is crucial to the human body. 60% of our bodies are comprised of water, but did you know that most to every day you lose about 64 ounces of water from sweating? And, fun fact,...
    2019-10-28 487 0
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    Alam Restaurant Review

    Enter a world of flavours from the Middle-East when you visit Alam Restaurant, Coventry Road, in Birmingham.  Situated in one of the UK’s largest Somali communities, the name of the restaurant is a translation from the country’s native language, meaning ‘world’...
    2019-10-22 798 0
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    National Curry Week: Birmingham’s Top 10 Favourite Curries revealed, with Chicken Tikka Masala taking the top spot

      Uber Eats reveals that chicken tikka masala is Birmingham’s favourite takeaway curry, closely followed by korma and balti      National Curry Week took place, and to celebrate Birmingham’s love for this versatile dish, Uber Eats reveals Brummies’ top ten favourite curries.     Considered...
    2019-10-17 484 0
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    The UK’s fastest-growing halal restaurant chain is now in Walsall

    German Doner Kebab has opened at Unit 1A, Littleton Street, Wisemore.   German Doner Kebab has nearly 40 branches in the UK and the same number worldwide.  There are already five restaurants in the Midlands – three in Birmingham and ech in Leicester and Coventry.  The company...
    2019-10-15 515 0
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    Natco Foods Donates 100% of Profits to Charity

    Natco Foods Donates 100% of Profits to Charity Natco Foods is committed to donating 100% of its profits to charity. As a result of that commitment over £5m has be donated to date. Natco manufactures and...
    2019-10-14 1283 0
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