I lived the celebrity lifestyle but something was missing from my life. I rubbed shoulders with the A-listers of the music industry but after a decade I felt a change. My enlightenment gave me a chance to suddenly do something about the people who needed help in my local community, in the northwest and internationally.

My intentions were to be helpful and charitable, to help the community come together. The recent terrorist attacks in England, especially in Manchester made me realise the importance of bringing the community together and to fight extremists/ extremism through youth work.

By doing so I wanted the youth to become Samaritans and pillars of the community who looked out for each other and spread love, peace and harmony AND NOT hatred. My Nasheed represents this through praising our beloved prophet Muhammad Rasoolullah salalahu alaihi wasalim and Allah subhana wa taala, and my charity work which raises awareness and funds for all that are suffering internationally, including, Burma, Syria,
Palestine and Africa.

I am the first Artist from Blackburn UK, going out to Marrakech to shoot a video for my new single Rehmat Di Chaan (Shade of Mercy, Shadow of Mercy) This will be filmed by TABZ of Goldwing Studios. We will be showing this in many Mosques in Marrakech. This single will be released online by Hi-Tech music for Milad.

Rehmat Di Chaan

Naseem khan most commonly known as Nas-T Planned an international Project to film his Nasheed video in Marrakech. This has never been done before. I had to pledge to companies to sponsor his project. This took 3 months to plan and my videographer TABZ from Goldwings studio put this together from A – Z.

Nas and TABZ had to contribute funds themselves, to bring the audience a unique and versatile video. Filming would commence early morning, just before the sun would go
down because the temperature during the day was 35 degrees. This made it a little difficult but we still carried on. We would have never achieved our goal if it wasn’t for our friend Badr who is a photographer from Marrakech.

The language was difficult for us to understand, so he made this easy as he spoke French and Arabic. We will be travelling to the best locations, such as Atlas mountains, Palmira, Khutbia mosque, Ben Yusuf mosque and many others. This will not be your ordinary Nasheed video, as we are showing locations and history to every verse. We will feature horses, camels and much more.

We are showing love peace and harmony by spreading love through praising our beloved prophet Muhammed Rasoolullah salalahu alaihi wasalim and the almighty Allah subhana wa taala. We engaged with people of The Chinese origin and various other backgrounds and getting them to join in with the chorus Ya nabi.

This video entitled Rehmat Di Chaan (Shadow of blessing) is very unique and versatile.
Available online to download too.

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