Don’t Over Exercise!

By Reema Sarin, Founder BOLLYFIT

Remember, getting results is what matters with exercise right? Any exercise will produce results, but you want to get the RIGHT results. 

In fact traditional, very long, boring cardio workouts like running, cycling, spinning or aerobics for prolonged periods of time can actually damage your brain, heart, lungs and metabolism, making you sicker, fatter, older and more tired! 

Intelligent movements and moderate exercise naturally enhance your metabolism by pushing it just enough to adapt to make it stronger. However, not too much that it fights back, making you a better fat burner, toning your muscles and giving you a huge lift in energy. 

Exercising for too long (which a lot of people do regularly) can actually cause major metabolic damage, which makes you gain weight. If you have ever ran, cycled or done aerobics for 45-60 minutes or more only to get poor results, you will soon realize your mistake! 

Why does this happen? When you push too long and too hard, your metabolism fights back… Driving up your appetite, bringing down your energy and slowing your metabolism to low levels, leaving you more unfit, bulkier and more frustrated day-by-day. 

Moderate exercise increases your body’s ability to produce antioxidants, like the powerful glutathione, which hunts down and neutralizes excess free radicals, leaving your skin smooth, protecting your organs and boosting your cellular health. 

Excessive exercise could rust your body from the inside out resulting in wrinkled, saggy skin, a damaged brain, a weak heart and low energy. 

All types of exercise cause your body to release tiny molecules called free radicals. But too much exercise or the wrong kind unleashes a tidal wave of these molecules that overwhelms your body, damaging your most sensitive cells, especially your skin, heart and brain. 

Excessive faulty cardio workouts release an overload of cortisol (the stress hormone), which triggers fat accumulation on your belly. Not only that, it also wears out your tissues, weakens your bones, destroys muscle and damages your joints. 

Inflammation is a key component of your immune system, helping your body to protect and repair itself. However, too much inflammation is extremely dangerous, putting you at risk of cancer, heart disease, type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. 

Typical long-duration exercise damages your body so much that a fiery inferno of inflammation spreads, causing more damage multiplying your risk of developing those deadly, damaging diseases.  

Shorter, smarter workouts boost levels of glutamine, an essential amino acid that helps to bulletproof your immune system against stubborn, nasty bugs and bacteria. A strong immune system also means a smart immune system, providing protection against developing an auto-immune disease which attacks your own body, including the thyroid, joints and brain. 


So WORKOUT SMART AND NOT HARD!                                                                                     


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