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    Is nursing an acceptable career option for South Asians

        We speak to Asian nurses who share their experience of being a nurse in the NHS, the challenges they faced regarding their career choice and how attitudes are changing with increased understanding of nursing...
    2018-11-27 224 0
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    Folic Acid and its Benefits

    Folic acid, a water-soluble B vitamin occurs naturally in food and can also be taken as food supplements. Naturally occurring sources of folic acid includes green leaf vegetables (spinach, turnip), poultry, pork, shellfish, pea’s beans, liver,...
    2018-11-05 122 0
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    In skin care, doctors use chemical peeling as a procedure to remove sun damaged pigmented and wrinkled skin by peeling it with chemicals. In skin care, doctors use chemical peeling as a procedure to remove sun...
    2018-11-02 221 0
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    Measles Rise in Europe

    Measles cases have risen by 400% in Europe during 2017, affecting more than 20,000 people and causing 35 tragic deaths as stated by the World Health Organisation. Fifteen European countries, including the UK, saw outbreaks of...
    2018-09-10 402 0
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    Drinking a cup of warm lemon water every morning is one of the simplest, most affordable and natural ways to improve your health which has incredible benefits on your health. Energises your Body It gives your...
    2018-08-09 555 0
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    Should we all be going meat free?

    Previously a niche dietary choice, in the last few years following a pesceterian, vegetarian or vegan diet has become more popular. For instance, it’s estimated that there are now around half a million people in the...
    2018-07-26 494 0
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    How to Look Ripped this Summer

    To look cut, with great muscle definition, many people have the misconception that you need to hit the gym. That’s the general belief: lift less weight and do more reps for definition. For bulk, lift heavier...
    2018-07-23 306 0
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    Applying Suncream on South Asian Children

    Applying sunscreen to South Asian children under the age of two could increase their risk of skin cancer later in life, one of the world’s leading experts warned. A ‘self-tanning’ mechanism that protects the skin against...
    2018-07-12 251 0
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    Controlling the addiction

    To some extend the habit of smoking is a product of socialization. Socialization is simply the tendency to repeat patterns of behaviour one sees other persons in the society exhibit. Socialisation is one major way children...
    2018-06-04 322 0
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    Stroke survey reveals that Asian and Black women know more about stroke than men

    72% of women knew the Act F.A.S.T. acronym which is used to help people identify the signs of a stroke compared to 62% of men. Only 86% of men surveyed knew the three most common signs...
    2018-05-30 328 0
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