Releases of January 2015

By Nalin Rai

January after advent of Aamir Khan and his slot for release of his films in and around Christmas time turns out to be a very cruel month for the films as the euphoria that Aamir Khan’s films create at the box office, is a feat which is difficult to emulate in the subsequent month. It is going to happen again for the month of January 2015 after the phenomenal success that PK has attained at the box office all over the world, as also in India. Even then, PK is a history as a new year is on the anvil and it indeed provides an opportunity to leaf through the variety on offer for the current month.

1. TEVAR: it is the most anticipated movie of the month, as for Arjun Kapoor, TEVAR signifies acceptance of his prowess as an actor, as TEVAR has been produced by his father Boney Kapoor and his uncle Sanjay Kapoor. It is the fifth film in his career and Boney Kapoor has decided to lend the brand name of his production house. The USP of TEVAR lies in the fact that here Arjun Kapoor is playing the role of a Kabaddi player, a sport that has become quite popular with the Diaspora and a mainstream cinema is giving it a cinematic representation after a really long time. It stars Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpayee, and the reported fling between Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha has given TEVAR quite a publicity. TEVAR is a remake of 2003 Telugu film OKKADU and the writer Gunasekkar who has written TEVAR was the director of the superhit film in Telugu.

2. ALONE: Bipasha Basu seems to have patented the template of horror and glamour and has emerged as the horror queen of Hindi cinema. In the latest movie ALONE, releasing this month, Bipasha has gone a step forward and has appeared in a frontal nudity for the film, which may be a common thing in the world of English cinema, but for Hindi cinema it indeed is a novelty. ALONE seems to be inspired from a 2007 Thai film of the same name, the story line also appears to be the same. It is the quotient of glamour and oodles of sex that could do the trick for ALONE. ALONE marks the debut of Karan Grover, popular television actor on the silver screen. For the world of Hindi cinema, heady concoction of sex, horror and glamour has emerged as a template that is bound to succeed as the input costs are quite low, and for sexually starved audience to be able to view body display, love making etc., panning out on such a gigantic scale would indeed be an occasion to salivate. It would be interesting to watch whether the template that Bipasha Basu has built up would be made successful by Sunny Leone who dabbled in this genre through JISM-2?

3. DOLLY KI DOLI: For Sonam Kapoor, DOLLY KI DOLI indeed is a monumental step forward in her career as this has been produced by Arbaaz Khan who after phenomenal success of his property called DABANNG decided to venture out and has chosen Sonam Kapoor to tell the world that indeed an Arbaaz Khan also has an identity as a producer without the phenomenal presence of Salman Khan. In a way DOLLY KI DOLI for Arbaaz Khan is sort of stepping out of shadow of Salman Khan. DOLLY KI DOLI also stars Rajkumar Rao and Pulkit Samrat. DOLLY KI DOLI is another attempt at the business of marriage and for a change it is the female who is into the con act and duping the male counterparts. Sonam Kapoor has had a successful 2014 and one only hopes that the success that he enjoyed with KHOOBSOORAT would continue with DOLLY KI DOLI as well.

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