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    World’s most expensive player, Neymar breaks a bone in his foot

    Paris St-Germain’s Champions League, excursions may have taken a huge setback following the news, star attraction & key player Neymar’s fresh injury crisis. The Brazilian ace suffered fractured metatarsal and a sprained ankle during Sunday’s French...
    2018-03-15 105 0
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    India & England rally to save test cricket

    England is brokering a desperate deal with India to try to ensure the survival of world cricket. There is growing fear the deal could be set to collapse if it contains elements of naked greed and...
    2018-03-14 123 0
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    From Throwing Stones To Playing Sports In J&K

    When Insha Mir was first embarassed by neighbours for playing cricket, she ignored it by remembering her father’s words: “Don’t answer people with your mouth, but through your bat.” Mir, a student at Government Women’s College,...
    2018-03-10 131 0
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    With great muscle definition, many people have the misconception that you need to hit the gym. That’s the general belief: lift less weight and do more reps for definition. For bulk, lift heavier weight and do...
    2018-03-09 406 0
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    Pakistan set to star at 2018 World Cup.

    The world’s most significant sporting event will have an unusual leading light this summer. With the 2018 World Cup in Russia, only months away a host of star nations will compete for sport’s most prestigious and...
    2018-03-09 158 0
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    MoneyGram Recognizes Hamara Heroes

    To show its appreciation for modern-day heroes working overseas and providing for their families in Pakistan, MoneyGram launched the Hamara Hero campaign. This is the first initiative aimed at recognizing the efforts of millions of Pakistanis...
    2018-02-20 300 0
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    Imran Khan Comments on Trump

    Imran Khan, a world famous Pakistan cricketer turned politician, with a huge following of his own has recently made an unacceptable scathing attack on the US president Trump, which runs counter to international political decency. Trump...
    2018-02-13 214 0
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    Girls Cricket: From Bradford to Lords

    Cricket players from a Bradford girls’ team are now stars of a new film, documenting their rise from just about throwing a ball four years ago to playing cricket at Lords, hoping to inspire the next...
    2018-02-13 180 0
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    World’s Tallest Cricketer

    Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Irfan has said he rejected an offer of playing basketball in the United States, choosing his international cricket career over USA basketball. After the final of Departmental One-day Cup at UBL Sports...
    2018-02-05 282 0
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    1. Eden Hazard  A young player. He has been likened to Lionel Messi for his breathtaking runs and mesmerising skills in regards to ball control. 2. Mesut Ozil A German of Turkish descent captured the imagination...
    2018-01-24 302 0
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