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    Tea party ideas perfect for this Mother’s Day

    Cucumber Tea Sandwich Ingredients: 16 slices of wheat bread 1/2 cup of butter softened 2 tbsp chopped fresh chives 2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley 2 tsp lemon juice 1 medium cucumber thinly sliced carrot curls Method:...
    2016-03-01 1219 0
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    Foods To Help You Lose Weight

    Every year, thousands of dollars are spent on every imaginable diet program, slim-down products, and weigh loss pills. For many women, money is no object since the need to shed those extra pounds far outweighs any...
    2016-02-25 1210 0
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    It is a mistake to suppose that any room, however small and unpleasantly situated, is “good enough” for a kitchen. This is the room where housekeepers pass a great portion of their time, and it should...
    2016-02-09 982 0
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    Valentines Day Desi Desert

    Saffron and lemon Shrikhand doughnuts Ingredients • For the Shrikhand (sweet yogurt) filling • 1kg plain natural yogurt • 220g icing sugar (or more depending on the sourness of the yogurt) • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder...
    2016-02-04 1048 0
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    Organic Juices for Constipation

    Organic fresh made juices have cleansing and laxative action, which will help you eliminate constipation. Taken regularly they will help you have daily bowel movements. Organic juices contain loads of mineral, bioflavonoids, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and...
    2016-01-28 940 0
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    Pumpkin Bread

    Now here is a recipe that can be used during the Thanksgiving season as well as the Christmas season although when it comes to food and of course I know how to prepare all the recipes...
    2016-01-21 1073 0
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    Chocolate Cheesecake

    1 1/4 cups graham cracker crumbs 2 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons butter or margarine melted 2 pounds cream cheese 1 cup sugar 8 ounces sour cream 1/4 cup cocoa 2 eggs 1 cup flour 3/4 cup...
    2016-01-21 1009 0
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    Foods That Help Curb Hunger And Cravings

    While experts suggest the best way to keep healthy and fit and keep your body nutritionally balanced is by eating several small meals per day. But, of course what you choose plays a large part in...
    2016-01-20 989 0
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    Government imposes tax on samosa and kachauri

    The Nitish Kumar government decided to impose 13.5 per cent tax on luxury items including on sweets priced more than Rs 500 a kg and mosquito repellant among others to mop up additional revenue for carrying...
    2016-01-13 1288 0
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    Snacks to help weight loss

    A sin that mostly leads us to the altar of obesity is unhealthy snacking! Binging on calorie laden snacks is the common diet mistake we usually make. So what is the best snack option for maintaining...
    2016-01-12 1193 0
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