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    2,100 West Midlands teenagers are launching into business with Young Enterprise More than 2,100 West Midlands pupils are meeting the challenge of growing youth unemployment by running their own real companies for a year with help...
    2012-03-12 972 0
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    Buy private sector assets, not gilts

    West Midland business leaders welcome the news that interest rates are remaining at 0.5 per cent.  Michael Ward, president of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group said:  “With fuel duty eating into business profits, any rise would...
    2012-03-12 1051 0
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    More money into economy as inflation falls

    West Midlandbusiness leaders expressed relief at today’s announcement by the Office for National Statistics that inflation figures have dropped from 4.2 per cent in December to 3.6 per cent. Michael Ward, president of Birmingham Chamber of...
    2012-03-08 997 0
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    MEP supports Scam Awareness Month

    Malcolm Harbour, West Midlands Conservative MEP is backing Scam Awareness Month throughout February. Mr Harbour has sent repeated warnings to the business community about a European-wide scam that has cost some businesses thousands of pounds. Mr...
    2012-03-08 990 0
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    Welcoming steps on quantitative easing

    West Midlandbusiness leaders welcomed the Monetary Policy Committee’s decision to extend its quantitative easing programme by £50 billion to £325 billion today. Keeping the bank rate at 0.5 per cent is another positive step to encourage...
    2012-03-08 917 0
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    Polish the jewel in our crown

    West Midland business leaders are calling on the Government to invest more in regional airports rather than trying to reviveLondon’s declining flight connections and full capacity. Commenting on British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) latest aviation survey,...
    2012-03-08 972 0
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    Increase QE!

    Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group today urged the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to increase its Quantitative Easing (QE) programme this week. The MPC is expected to extend its interest rate freeze at 0.5...
    2012-03-08 1003 0
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    Get with apprenticeships

    Businesses must ‘get with apprenticeships’ in order to secure economic certainty for theUKsay WestMidlandsbusiness leaders. Michael Ward, president of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group (BCCG) said: “To be competitive in a global economy we can’t afford...
    2012-03-08 952 0
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    See-saw ride for region’s businesses as inflation hits trade

    Businesses in theWest Midlandsare counting on a continued reversal of soaring inflation to improve their fortunes in 2012, according to a new survey. The last quarterly economic survey undertaken by the West Midlands Chamber of Commerce...
    2012-01-24 1066 0
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    Raising interest rates is not the answer to stimulate growth

    West Midland business leaders are urging the Bank of England to keep interest rates on hold, as increasing the rate from its historic low of 0.5 per cent will do little to stimulate the economy. Michael...
    2012-01-24 1139 0
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