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Building a home isn’t simple but choosing products that keep homes safe and secure is, thanks to BRK’s varied product portfolio. With connected home offerings that feature easy functionality,...

Building a home isn’t simple but choosing products that keep homes safe and secure is, thanks to BRK’s varied product portfolio. With connected home offerings that feature easy functionality, along with trusted, standard- and code-compliant 10-year smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection offerings, the BRK portfolio of products is helping builders connect to what matters most

Offer Your Customers Convenience and Peace of Mind

Our connected home products prove that connectivity doesn’t have to be complicated, as homeowners can easily access their home’s safety features through an easy to use app and simple voice commands. A few of our product offerings to showcase in your next building projects include:

  • Secure Connect Wi-Fi System – The Secure Connect Wi-Fi solution delivers faster, stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi throughout the home. True to our legacy of home safety and protection, the system places a premium on security by creating a closed, private network to help detect and prevent cyber-threats and hacks. The technology scans every outbound connection from the network to analyze URLs and IP addresses to detect malicious traffic and infected machines. Users are notified of any potentially suspect activity and, if restricted settings are enabled, it can block any questionable content. The system also gives users greater control over their Wi-Fi network usage. With one tap of the Connect App, they can pause the internet, filter content or set rules such as time limits and bedtime. With an emergency override feature, it will also send emergency notices to screens connected to the home’s network. U.S. homes currently have an average of seven-to-ten connect devices, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and this number is expected to triple in the next few years. It is offered as a stand-alone system, with multiple access points and both tri- and dual-band options to suit the needs of any consumer.
  • First Alert Video Doorbell – Safety begins at the front door, and the new video doorbell system brings homeowners even more control over monitoring their home whether home or away. With premium features like 1080 HD live video, motion detection alerts, two-way audio and more, this new smart doorbell solution offers an added level of security outside of the home. First Alert’s Connected Safety Video Doorbell is compatible with Amazon Alexa Skills, enabling users to ask the Alexa what’s going on outside and have it report back. All of these capabilities are packed into a modern, elegantly designed doorbell that blends in well with any style home.
  • Safe & Sound – The Safe & Sound just keeps getting better, with expanded features to excite homeowners like Alexa Calling and Messaging and upcoming Apple Airplay 2 capabilities. The Safe & Sound goes where no alarm has gone before, delivering First Alert’s trusted smoke and CO protection, along with a superior home speaker and Alexa built in. True to its name, the device is specifically designed for ceiling installation for a great sound experience via the natural acoustic backdrop, filling the room with immersive sound. Users can simply ask Alexa on their Safe & Sound to play music, hear the news, check the weather and control other smart home devices. The Safe & Sound is also compatible with Apple HomeKit.

BRK 10-Year Alarms Offer Ultimate Protection, with Easy Code Compliance
Looking for the total package? Look no further. BRK’s selection of 10-year smoke and CO alarms are designed for all builder applications and tested to the highest industry standards. The alarms feature two-in-one, reliable protection that saves time and money. By optimizing wiring time and reducing the alarm footprint needed, BRK products deliver builders a seamless installation process. Additionally, 10-year sealed battery backup that lasts the entire life of the alarm helps eliminate the risk of having an alarm deactivated, improving safety.

The BRK 10-year hardwired smoke and CO alarms further raise the bar by incorporating 10-year battery backup technology, not only for smoke detection but also for CO, providing builders in any of the 45 states that require CO detectors to be installed in new residences with a significant advantage. It uses an electrochemical CO sensor – the most accurate technology available, allowing homeowners to capture and retrieve the highest CO levels recorded in their home through the peak function.

“First Alert’s goal, as the most trusted brands in home safety*, has always been to provide products that give homes the highest levels of protection,” Devine said. “Building a home with our 10-year alarm products is the ultimate way for builders and contractors to deliver what their clients want – safety, control and peace of mind.”

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