Ajay is a Hero Helping others like him to Fight Sickle Cell Disorder

Ajay Dattani is one of a kind, and he isn’t ready to give up, at least not yet. He is not just staying positive but helping people in his...

Ajay Dattani is one of a kind, and he isn’t ready to give up, at least not yet. He is not just staying positive but helping people in his condition to do so as well. Ajay suffers from a sensitive Sickle cell disorder, this condition is inherited and affects not only the blood but a number of organs in one’s body as well.


Oscar Birmingham is a charity that helps people with Sickle cell disorder. Signs or any symptoms of sickle cell usually start at an early age. Ajay is the chairman of OSCAR Birmingham, the charity that has helped many families locally. Sickle cell anaemia is considered a much bigger problem or rather an advanced level of this condition. Severe pain, seasoned episodes, and strokes are some of the challenges people with this disease face.


As you can imagine, Ajay goes through a lot but somehow he overcomes that and helps others in need as well. He has had multiple surgeries, that mostly took place during his teenage years and kept Ajay in and out of hospital continuously, he is now 38 years old. The disease is known for affecting people of Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean and African origin.


The OSCAR charity has been around for quite some time, approximately 46 years. Their pivotal message: “Keeping well with Sickle cell” is one with a simple feel good tone and memorable wording. Keeping well with Sickle cell is not only a slogan but a programme where people with this disorder get together on a weekly basis, not just for coffee but for friendly conversations as well. People who receive the charity assistance know that there is more to life than problems or diseases, and keep their loved ones and fellow sufferers close-at hand in a continuous support network for one another.


Promoting awareness, wellness through nutrition, health and bringing sufferers of the disease together to share their life experiences is are already making a difference. Ajay and his team provide mentoring, educational and social workshops and free trips during the holiday season. This may not just be a different way to live, but a better way to live, with so much to do and probably not a lot of time to think about the problems that they face.


By Samuel Manuel Silva.

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Samuel Manuel Silva is a freelance writer living in Maputo, Mozambique with a background in Telecommunications and Information Technology. His interests include entrepreneurship, poetry, and short stories. Dedication is part of his daily routine, and until it’s all said and done giving up is not an option. You can read more of his work at Samuels.ga/wp


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