Hot dog? – Help them beat the heat with these five tips

With the temperatures rising, many people will be getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Countless families will also be wanting to take their four-legged friends along with them. And...

With the temperatures rising, many people will be getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Countless families will also be wanting to take their four-legged friends along with them. And while having a dog around does always make adventures more fun, there are a few things to consider when bringing your dog out in the heat.


With this in mind Lintbells, manufacturers of natural pet supplements YuMOVE and YuMEGA, have come up with a few ways dog owners can help make sure their pooch also has the best summer possible.


Keep it cool

If you’re out and about enjoying the sun and you’ve brought your pooch along with you, then they can often get too warm after being in direct sunlight for a while. If you’ve paid a visit to the park or are simply resting in the garden, try and make sure there is a spot of shade for your dog to cool down in. While dogs do enjoy sunbathing to some extent, being in direct sunlight for too long can overheat them and even cause sun stroke. Even if you’re spending time indoors try to keep some cool spots on the floor clear for your dog to relax in – a tiled floor is perfect or consider investing in a cooling mat for a pleasant yet portable space for your dog to escape the heat.


Where to walk?

At this time of year, it’s a good idea to plan your walks carefully. Try and avoid walking your four-legged friend in the midday sun as this will most likely be the hottest part of the day. Walking your dog earlier in the morning or later in the evening is the best way to avoid walking in direct sunlight. Also, steer clear from walking on concrete or metal surfaces as, if they become too hot, they can burn your dog’s paws when walking on them. If you are unable to place your hand on the pavement for more than five seconds, then the ground is probably too hot for your pooch.


Just add water

During the hot weather we tend to drink more and can become dehydrated much more quickly. Our canine companions also need extra water when it’s hot to help them cool down. So when you’re out in hot weather with your dog, be sure to take some extra water for them, as besides panting, they don’t really have another way to cool themselves down. Giving your pooch their very own paddling pool is a great way to help them cool down and they’ll no doubt love it!


Dogs in cars

With some places in the UK reaching more than 30 degrees this summer, leaving your dog in the car can be extremely harmful and even fatal and should always be avoided. Within a couple of minutes, the temperature inside the car can rise high above those outside, meaning a real danger of heatstroke to your four-legged friend, even if the windows have been left open and parked out of direct sunlight. When driving be sure to have plenty of water to hand for you pooch, as keeping them hydrated is one of the best ways to keep them cool and always take them with you when you park up.


Fur-well itchy skin!

Summer can bring about all manner of skin difficulties that your dog might experience. Sunburn can particularly affect dogs if they remain in the sun too long, so using a dog-friendly SPF will help in the same way we use sun cream. Your pup can also develop hot and itchy spots during the warmer months which can often become a nuisance for them. Lintbells own YuMEGA Itchy Dog for itchy or sensitive skin is an easy way to help soothe your dog’s sensitive or itchy skin.


If you begin to notice your pup struggling in the heat, whether it be heat exhaustion or any skin issues they may have developed, it is always a sensible idea to visit your vet to make sure you get the best advice on how to care for your dog from the inside out.


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