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Origin of Chocolates and waffles, Belgium is now also known for one of the famous person who is taking fashion and food world together by her work. Charlotte Collard, is...

Origin of Chocolates and waffles, Belgium is now also known for one of the famous person who is taking fashion and food world together by her work. Charlotte Collard, is a former model and digital entrepreneur who was the first to start a fashion and food on Instagram (@charlotte_collard) where she would create content interacting with two worlds about tastes; fashion and food. She is also a mother of three girls and giving the best to her daughters and herself is a priority.


Q.) How do you stay in shape ?


Charlotte : I have been a model for so long and got used to eat healthy, I worked a lot on myself and learned to love , respect which leads me to give the best to myself and focus on great food. I used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and now I have an active life with my three daughters which keep me busy physically.


Q.) What is Belgium cuisine all about ?


Charlotte : Family dishes, sauces, meats, puree, fries, chocolate…anything really healthy but more and more restaurants are levelling up and we are lucky to have amazing places that look simple and cosy with a plate that brings together the best quality ingredients and cooking techniques. In Belgium we are very low key and don’t like to show…We’d rather share.


Q.) How did the idea come to bring fashion and food together ?


Charlotte :  I found that two worlds about tastes would fit together and also the fact that people say about fashionistas and models don’t eat. I wanted to show that we don’t need to be a model or a fashionista to not to eat. Yes because we are a model , our body has to be in shape so we do be careful by eating healthy and going to the gym. I am also against competition with others as for me we are all unique and even if we wanted to do same projects the result will never be the same as the way we think, see and feel will be different. I then thought that bringing non – competitive networks ( food and fashion) will help to develop fashion through the food network and also bring food network into a fashion behavior will develop food in terms of marketing.


Q.) Tell something about Charlotte Collard Catering and your TV show in Belgium ?


Charlotte : CCC has always been in my head and I partnered with the best in Belgium who works already for high-end fashion brands such as DIOR, DRIES VAN NOTEN and many other big fashion names. The idea was to give another depth to my digital partners on Instagram and offer them the opportunity to go further than a product placement.

My TV Show in Belgium lasted for two years, I gave them the idea to cook with star chefs as I wanted to keep learning and learning from the best as it is just a priority when it comes to learn. I  now became a TV host for the Michelin Guide. I have been to Los Angeles last June to launch the Californian Guide, cooked with stars chefs there and we are now discussing about our next adventures together.


Q.) How would you describe your own cooking style ?


Charlotte : Healthy, good. I always cook too much as a surprise guest is always welcomed.


Q.) As you were a successful model then why you shifted your career in food blogging?


Charlotte : I have always loved cooking, I have learned everything from my grandfather who was living in Canada and had a big property where everything was homemade. We had a lake to fish, a wood to hunt and pick fruits and mushrooms, chickens, a vegetable garden etc…Then I became a model and was not able to eat the way I wanted to. From the mouth my love went to my eyes which grew my frustrations but thanks to those frustrations I have kept the love of cooking and learned to cook and eat better.


Q.) Share your views on street food of Belgium.


Charlotte : Fries, waffles, …no comment.


Q.) What is healthy food according to you ?


Charlotte : Healthy food comes from nature only and is not processed by humans. Focus on food that grows and what nature brings to you. Take the time to cook from home to make sure you choose the best ingredients and you use simple ingredients only. We should all trust nature and stop trying to control it.


Thank you so much Charlotte Collard for taking time out of your day and giving me your interview.


By : Rida Khan ( Aviation Author)

(Instagram A/c : aviationauthor.ridakhan )


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