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    On the Top – Young and Dynamic Chef Ali Ghazzawi

    Passion for becoming something in life makes a person’s dreams come true, whatever the challenge may be. One such person who has achieved this is Chef Ali Ghazzawi (Instagram A/c- alighzawi ) from Jordan. The journey...
    2019-06-18 88 0
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    Eid prep With Asda

    During Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims across the UK will mark the end of Ramadan by celebrating a feast with their friends and family. After long hours of fasting, Eid allows everyone to enjoy experimenting with new recipes, taste...
    2019-06-04 93 0
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    Technology Changes the World of Food

    Technology has an immense effect on the culinary industry. Today food is given a new face as technology is increasing. In every kitchen of the house, restaurants , hotels etc. you will find high tech gadgets...
    2019-05-26 745 0
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    Fantastic Foods to have at Ramadan

    Dates  Dates are a blessed food mentioned numerous times in the Quran and they are amazing and excellent to include as part of your suhoor meal.    Whole oat pudding  Oats are a great source of...
    2019-05-10 111 0
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    Muslim Mum left Fuming over Bacon-Tasting Pasta Sauce

    Single mother Rianne Ward, aged 39 from Derby was furious when she bought Lasagna sauce from Aldi which she claimed contained bacon. Ms Ward has been a convert to Islam for over seven years now and...
    2019-05-09 191 0
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    Asda Supper Club

    Asda Supper Club To celebrate the beginning of Ramadan, family and friends come together to enjoy iftari meals, created from generations of family favourite recipes. Asda took part in the Ramadan festivities, organising the Asda Supper...
    2019-05-01 205 0
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    Creating a Culinary Storm from the by-lanes of Kolkata to London – Asma Khan 

      If women aim to become something in life then they must be ready to accept any and all challenges to make their dreams come true. One woman who has done just that is the  immensely successful London based Indian restaurant and...
    2019-04-25 174 0
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    Touchwood is Lucky 

    The highly anticipated Asha’s Indian Restaurant will open in Touchwood, Solihull on March 27th.   The stunning high-end Indian restaurant with dining halls in Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi, Manchester and Birmingham Centre is soon to bless...
    2019-04-24 152 0
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    The Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop, Costa Coffee is putting a spring in its step with the launch of the new seasonal menu to complement its range of signature handcrafted coffees. Available in stores nationwide now, the refreshed menu comes...
    2019-04-10 158 0
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    Flavours of Dubai

    The destination is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. However, Emirati culture is the main essence of Dubai which still has reign. The Emirati way of living and cooking is mesmerizing and instills a burst...
    2019-03-30 190 0
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