Technology Changes the World of Food

Technology has an immense effect on the culinary industry. Today food is given a new face as technology is increasing. In every kitchen of the house, restaurants , hotels...

Technology has an immense effect on the culinary industry. Today food is given a new face as technology is increasing. In every kitchen of the house, restaurants , hotels etc. you will find high tech gadgets which help people to cook easily and quickly. People don’t have to repeat the same dishes, they can cook variety of dishes by the help of cooking videos updated on Youtube channels and serve restaurant style food to them.

Technology not only increases quantity but it also improves the quality of food. A good quality of food with fresh food ingredients is prepared. Chefs are creating food with beautiful presentations, from different cuisines world-wide with new twists in flavors. But how is technology is really helping the chefs? Let’s know from their point of view.

 Chef Mehmet ( Instagram A/c – mehmet_cheff  )

Chef Mehmet Gezen  is from Ankara, Turkey . He was born in Ahlat, a town of Bitlis.

His Views On the Topic are -

I believe in the strong impact of technology on the food industry. To give an example, you can easily advertise a food that is made with unique techniques from perhaps the most unknown city of a country with a simple post on social media. Using high tech products in the kitchen makes our lives easier as chefs and prep workers. For example, we used to have difficulties on beef aging when we didn’t have the dry-aging fridges. Vacuum packaging is also a great example of kitchen tech as it enables us to store food without it going bad for a long time.

Technology today in the Kitchen is the main ingredient to make food faster & present it in good quality to the customer.


 Chef Saima Masood ( Instagram A/c – saima_masood  )

Chef Saima was born in Lucknow, she is a master in bakery food products. Trained and worked in high class hotels, she is now working in a well renowned company called The Obroma ( Food of the Gods) as a Pastry Chef.

Her Views On The Topic are -

Technology has become the driving force behind innovation in today’s world. Recipe sites have well surpassed cookbooks and magazine recipes. Gadgets help us to prepare our meals; this does not mean that we cannot work without technology.  Technology has made the basic cooking pretty advanced.

Technology can be seen as an overall improving business. “Chefs everywhere are finally catching up with technology”, because skill and technology has come hand in hand.


Chef Sudhir Pai ( Instagram A/c – chefspai ) -

Chef Sudhir Pai is an experienced chef who has worked in India , overseas and even in airlines catering projects  . His hands have prepared and passed on so many cuisines which include Indian, international but the most closest cuisine to him is Konkani coastal cuisine. For his work and contribution to Indian culinary scene he has won many eminent awards.

 His Views on the Topic are –

Technology in the food world has taken us in progress in many areas like efficiency in cooking process, easy sharing of information , easy training from remote location through videos and pictures etc. Yes technology is helping to grow and reach out and increase efficiencies in production etc. and grow food businesses at a faster pace making huge profits and larger brands. But in the run of growing big we are also hurting the environment and health by using added preservatives, food reheated in plastics. But slowly we are losing skills as machines are replaced to people. Food is given longer shelf life, in some areas we are going against nature.

After reading their point of views, I hope you have now got an idea about how technology is affecting our culinary industry.

By- Rida Khan ( Aviation Author)

( Instagram A/c – aviationauthor.ridakhan  )

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