Easy Home Repairs Everyone Should Know

Nothing is more exciting than buying your first home, except maybe updating it and making it your own. While kitchen rehabs, before and afters are inspiring, completing transforming full rooms can...

Nothing is more exciting than buying your first home, except maybe updating it and making it your own. While kitchen rehabs, before and afters are inspiring, completing transforming full rooms can be a daunting task.  

No matter what projects you want to plan you have for your home, there are easy updates that will make everyone’s room look great. Many buyers don’t know much about home repairs. Some are even afraid they will hurt their home value if they do the repairs wrong. These are easy repairs that will make any room look great!  

These updates not only are easy, and inexpensive but can make any room in your house look great. Here are easy home updates that will make your home look great! 

Install And Update Base Trim 

The base trim is an accent that is super easy to repair, install and update, that only takes a few seconds to learn. The hardest part? Deciding what kind of trim you want to have. While new trims do require properly measuring and cutting of materials this easy repair should only take an afternoon.  

The hardest part of installing a new base trim to make sure you measure correctly, and with a few screws or nails, will be done before you know it! Make sure before you purchase materials that you measure correctly. While it will require a saw to cut your materials, and a few hammers and nails, this easy repair is great for giving your home a uniform look!  Check this article out for more tips on installing your trim 

If cutting your trim seems a bit intimidating, adding a new color such as white to your trim will make it look more uniform and cohesive.  

You can also easily update your base trim, by adding a nice clean coat of paint, for an extra pop in each room.  

Change Door Knobs And Locks 

Security is an important feature in any home. Even though many homeowners wanted their home more secure, many still don’t know how to repair and replace the locks in their home.  

Hard money lenders suggest that any homeowner looking to sell upgrade their doorknobs and locks to attract new buyers.  

Replacing doorknobs is easier than many people think! Replacing doorknobs only really requires a screwdriver and about 5 minutes to do!  

You can buy many different types of doorknobs and locks that can match every time at home! You can give your house a uniform look, or spice it up with some eccentric pieces.    

To change the locks, unscrew the doorknob from the inside and pull the knobs apart. Simply replace it with the new doorknob or lockset!  

Make your home-owners feel safer, and cleaner with shiny new handles and locks!  

Always make sure you get extras of the keysets made, so you don’t have missing locks! 

Install New Sink Hardware 

When water or electricity comes into play, many homeowners don’t know what to do. But if you have a leaky faucet or just want to add a new sink handle, the repair is pretty easy! The most important step for this repair? Make sure you turn off the water!  

When adding new handles, it is like using a screwdriver, caulk and a bit of elbow grease.  

A new sink can make a kitchen, or just add some interest in a bathroom!  

While the options of sinks are never-ending, as is the function, removing and installing new sink hardware is easy to repair that can transform the room.  

This repair can take a while with the clean up of trim, and caulk, but is a worthwhile repair. 


We love how paint can transform a room. This is a super simple repair, but the effects can completely change the mood and feel of your home.  

While private money lenders in Arizona suggest more neutral tones for colors, the options are endless! 

Light and cool tones are great for adding timeless appeal to your home. Depending on your taste, don’t be afraid to go bold with fun colors if you are looking to make a statement.  

When Painting, all you will need is some drop cloths, paint brushes, rollers and time!  

 Updating your flip can seem daunting! While you should always use a contractor for big-ticket repairs, such as roofs, or electrical work, doing these easy repairs yourself can save time and money! These repairs are simple, fast, and will look great in your flip. Learning these repairs will not only make you feel like a total handyman but offer high ROI with pennies to the dollar. 

  • Trim: From installing to cleaning up base trim, this easy repair will add a great finish to every room.  
  • Door Knob and Locks: installing new doorknobs can help add a cohesive look to your home, and added security.  
  • Sink Hardware: leaky faucets, no more! You can easily replace your faucets in mere minutes.  
  • Paint: painting your home instantly transforms how it will look!  
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