Heroes of Aviation Industry

  “ Not All Heroes Wear Capes” this saying is true and we have witnessed this in Covid19 outbreak. There are so many people who are working tirelessly to...


“ Not All Heroes Wear Capes” this saying is true and we have witnessed this in Covid19 outbreak. There are so many people who are working tirelessly to help the people and countries to fight against Covid19. In every challenge aviation plays a vital role because it is the most fast , reliable, easy and global transport system. In the year 2020 every country was facing a shortage of things and for the emergency requirements aviation played a great role in transporting medicines, vaccines, medical staff , food etc. by maintaining the global supply chain in the world.


In this the entire people working in the aviation industry came together to help . Pilots, other crew members, ground handlers, firms dealing in aviation etc. worked continuously to help fight in Covid19. They acted as the front line heroes of the aviation industry . Though the demand for the passengers in the year 2020 was not there but the cargo supply chain was working. Passenger planes were converted to cargo flights and were sent to different countries . Passenger cabins were loaded with small light boxes like masks or gloves so that they were moved quickly . At a particular strict temperature control environment in the airplanes – medicines , vaccines , perishable goods and not only these ventilators , medical equipments was also transported. 


In many countries the situation was so bad that they required doctors and nurses from other countries. In this air transport helped a lot ensuring that they get them on time to the affected zones and help them to develop the remedies. Eg.) Alitalia brought a delegation comprising 37 Cuban medical doctors and 15 nurses at Milan Malpensa Airport. There were many flights scheduled where Covid19 patients were transported from remote areas to care units . Cabin crew was medically trained for the in-flight emergencies to deal with Covid19 passengers.


In Covid19  sending the essential goods in the hands of the people was an extremely important thing. Countries helped to send the food and necessary items, where it was most needed. Along with the producible goods like industrial pieces for machines or ventilators to the Islands and those places where other transport cannot reach easily. Eg.) Emirates SkyCargo offered an increased global connectivity for transporting food, medical equipment & pharmaceuticals covering more than 50 cities served by their Boeing 777 freighter and passenger aircraft.


People who have flown for vacations or were stuck in different countries because of their jobs or studies were coming back to their home country by special permission from the government to open the borders. In this air transport was performing the major role . Huge amount of flights were flying to evacuate the people from the different countries. Eg.) In partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia Airlines operated two rescue flights on 1 May, 2020 between Kuala Lumpur and Kuching in their latest mission to return students from UPSI and UNIMAS back to their homes.


This all was only possible because of the pilots ,other crew members , ground staff etc. They are the strength of aviation who are benefiting the world through their services. They are the front line heroes who are standing strong and together to fight against Covid19 outbreak.

Our humble Salute to the heroes of the Aviation Industry.    



By: Rida Khan

Aviation Author ( Instagram A/c : aviationauthor.ridakhan)

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