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Travelling is a part of our everyday life, without travelling our work is simply incomplete. The three modes of transportation – Air, Water and Land play an important role...

Travelling is a part of our everyday life, without travelling our work is simply incomplete. The three modes of transportation – Air, Water and Land play an important role for people, not only economically, but personally too. Talking from the safety point of view, air Transport is the safest mode of transportation, and there are various reasons behind it.


1.) Prevention Action Taken First –


Before take-off crew members of every airline check all the parts of the airplane. From small to big they take care that everything in the plane is well maintained. Pilots are personally in charge to do an external drill as well as a cockpit check before take-off.  So ultimately, a pilot’s job is not only to take flights from one destination to another, but also carry out a big responsibility of preventing accidents. They will not take the flight until and unless it is cleared from all security checks.


2.) Pilots train and update themselves continuously –


Pilots go on a continuous training and a certification processes, only after which airline companies allow them to fly airplanes. They are extensively trained to handle various weather conditions, turbulence, emergency landings, etc. Through such training there is also a reduced risk of accidents.


3.) Technology plays a vital role –


Moving towards the high tech world, the airline industry is one of the fastest to accept new technological advances. All mechanical work is now done electrically, where every system is interconnected with one-other. There are so many programs designed to control and detect turbulence, manage accidents, weather forecast etc. taking into consideration the safety of all. Due to this the world wide safety record for flights has improved with very few accidents taking place per in 2 million flights.


4.) After extensive testing Airplanes are handed to Airline Companies –


Vehicles like cars, cycles, boats, ships etc. when manufactured go through only one or two tests in their workshop. But when airplanes are made they have to pass through various tests such as ingestion testing, temperature and altitude testing, wing flexibility testing, brake testing, etc. They are tested on emergencies which are faced by the pilot in the sky, such as lightning strikes, turbulence, fuel leakage, etc. After successfully passing all the tests, manufacturers hand over the planes to the airline companies. So, safety of passengers is not only the responsibility of the pilot or Airline Company, but the manufacturer also.


5.) Pilots Study Regularly –


Studies for pilots never stop; they have to study continuously throughout their career. The reason is that Pilots have to get updated with the latest technology and keep upgrading their knowledge related to their airplanes, changes made in the systems by their Airline Company, technological study, etc. They have to pass the various exams, go for courses conducted by their airline company so that they are fully informed and ready to take flights successfully to the destination.

To move further I had discussed this topic with some of my pilot friends and their opinions are:-



1.) Hudson Sa ( Instagram A/c – @hudsoncsa ) -

Aviation is the safest mode of transportation because every single possibility of failure or mistakes is thought ahead and trained in the simulator sessions. If we talk about the airplanes, then the systems are duplicated or tripled to avoid any total loss of a certain In-flight system. The engines are extremely reliable and even in the remote case of an engine failure the remaining engine is capable to keep the plane flying safely.

2.) Pilot Joao ( Instagram A/c –  @roedeljc ) -

Airline companies operate very modern certified aircrafts, equipped with all sorts of safety items, and a very much automated operation.         

Airlines are required to maintain all of its pilots in a high proficiency level, being able to handle several kinds of different emergencies, how to proceed in case of mechanical failure, adverse weather encounters and to be trained in good decision making, for all this Pilots are trained and evaluated every three, or six to twelve months, year after year in simulator devices, line checks and oral exams.

Not only this, Pilots’ health is also of utmost concern. That’s why we are always taking specific medical exams every year.


3.) Pilot Sayed Abu Al Hassan ( Instagram A/c – @abu350 ) –


In today’s time, Aircrafts have decreased the distances between east and west like never before, whether it be single aisle aircrafts or jumbo jets. For a person to fly from A to B is not just a journey… it’s their happiness.


You can now be having breakfast in Paris and Dinner In Tokyo….

All thanks to the means of Air Transportation

All this is achieved by the Help of the air traffic controllers, Pilots, Cabin Crew and Engineers who work together as a team to make your trip safe and a memorable one.


The soul of an aircraft is it’s Pilot and myself being one not just takes the responsibility of flying from one point to the other but also take care that they can safely reach their destination.


For all the travellers who love travelling it is our honour and privilege to have you all on-board!


Hoping to see you on board on one of my flights.


– Sayed Abu Al Hassan

Senior First Officer with Air Arabia.


After talking to the pilots on this topic in the end I would like to say that, “Travel free from fear through Airplanes because they are the Safest Mode of Transportation.”


By:  Rida Khan

Aviation Author

( Instagram A/c – @aviationauthor.ridakhan)

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