Soft skills and technology: this is the “new normality” in football

After the arrival of COVID19, we saw how the world changed, including the new ways we work and connect. The way we shape teamwork is being recreated even in...

After the arrival of COVID19, we saw how the world changed, including the new ways we work and connect. The way we shape teamwork is being recreated even in sports.  The “new normality” has slowly arrived in the world in our everyday aspects. With the celebrations of goals in empty stadiums and technology taking more and more space, we have to be prepared for the “new football”.


A player that wants to face this “new normality” with success must highlight the training and knowledge in two aspects: technology and soft skills.


Technology has become a great ally to sports, with more tools to provide for training and games. During the lockdown, from small to top league teams used technology to keep constant communication with players, creating new ways to develop team practices online, strategy training, and others.


On the other hand, now more than ever, we are sure that thinking that football it’s just a physical sport it’s a big mistake. Any sport it’s a multidimensional activity that integrates psychological, tactical, and technical aspects that can’t be separated.


An elite football player can’t achieve his best capacity without the mental skills to show his best version in every competition. Behind every goal, kick, or movement on the field there’s a work in the mental aspect.


Let’s take the lockdown as an example: coaches and teams were not only concerned about keeping the physical abilities of each player but also to keep the self-motivation, dedication, discipline, and high spirit, even during those challenging times.


Adaptability has always being a key factor between the player that achieve success or not. One of the main problems of players that want to start on European football its the game intelligence, the decision making process and adaptation. This has a relationship with the tactics knowledge and how and when to put this in practice.


Seeing this new reality, TNGS created an innovative concept, the NG Virtual Camps, a concept that mixed a sports training on distance, plus the work on soft skills for the new talents to overcome the difficult times.


With weekly sessions, the TNGS coaches guide the players in personalized video calls, divided into three areas:


  • Soft skills sessions: exercises and knowledge to develop the mental abilities to reach the maximum potential as elite players.
  • Technical talks: teaching the concepts of sport that have defined Spanish football
  • On the field: team activities to develop challenges to evaluate creativity, cooperation, empathetic communication, and others.


This virtual camp is the perfect scenario to educate young talents on tactics concepts, with game intelligence, including technical and physical aspects in different situations during the game.


The NG Skills are one of the main aspects during this activity, that will provide the player with the mental and moral compass to be a better leader in all aspects of his life.


This first edition was held with players from the Caribbean, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia, obtaining great results. “I learned that football works mentally and it’s more than a physical game”, said the player Marwan Toqan after finishing the camps.


“The TNGS Virtual Camp was an amazing experience for me. It was informative, well organized (…) It was not only about football, it was about mentality, how to be a good person, things that are crucial in life, success, and school”, another student explained after experiencing this opportunity with other players of different cultures, using technology.


TNGS is a consulting firm specialized in sports training and high-performance that creates bridges between different countries thanks to football.


With more than 10 years of training and development of athletes, coaches, and other sports profiles. Connections in territories as Jamaica, Bermuda Islands, Costa Rica, Sweden, South Korea, the United States, and Japan, among others. Agreements with prestigious institutions such as the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and a multidisciplinary team committed to making sport the bond of union between different cultures.


Behind TNGS there is a human team that makes it possible for our players to enjoy the sport and become who they always wanted to be. TNGS it’s helping in the development of the leaders of tomorrow through football and integral education. If you want to know more about TNGS and join the team you can visit the website



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