Masala Wala Café

By Khushboo Chauhan

In another vandalised attempt by an opportunist leaves the window of a local café being smashed to pieces. Although nothing was taken from the café, the owner says that such incidents cause them to pay a heavy price and effort.

It is not the first happening in the area, another local business owner in that area had its front window smashed by thugs in December.

In a heartbreaking response, the owner of Masala Wala Café, Saima Thompson said that this would leave a big financial impact on just on her business but also on the nearby businesses.

Saima, a 29 year old, stage four lung cancer patient has been running the café since four years now. The traumatizing news was announced to her in the morning of Sept 8th by a local police informing her about the damage.

She said that she has no idea as to why someone would want to damage her property as there is nothing valuable there. This is the second incident she has faced and now repairing the damage has actually burnt a hole in her pocket, albeit people around have been very supportive to her and have come forward in aiding her.

Saima runs her own cooking blog with the name Curry and Cancer which has received over-whelming response since its inception. She tells that even though such episodes pose a threat and stir fear in the minds and hearts of local business owners, their zeal is still intact with the love and support of people.

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