Maryam Jazeem becomes the World’s First Child to Master Tajweed with STEM Methodologies

Maryam Jazeem (11 years Old), a student at the Milton Keynes Academy, exemplifies a remarkable blend of tradition and technology. This exceptional young individual is not only a Multi-Award-winning...

Maryam Jazeem (11 years Old), a student at the Milton Keynes Academy, exemplifies a remarkable blend of tradition and technology. This exceptional young individual is not only a Multi-Award-winning Quran reciter and public speaker but also a social activist and a pioneer in the field of Quranic education.

She has become the world’s first child to achieve mastery in Tajweed—the art of Quranic recitation—using a unique educational approach that integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) principles. This innovative method has not only earned her national and international recognition but also positioned her as a finalist in two award categories (Change-Maker/Light Bulb & Student Superstar) at the upcoming MK STEM Awards 2024.

The Quranic STEM Fusion:

The Quran, as the Holy Book, encapsulates the art of Tajweed, ensuring precise and beautiful recitation. Maryam Jazeem has seamlessly blended the linguistic sciences and precise phonetics of Tajweed with STEM education, creating a structured approach to mastering this sacred art.

Maryam’s journey into the realms of Quranic recitation began at the tender age of four when she learned the basic Arabic alphabet known as ‘Noorani Qaaida’ through a female Quran teacher in a Private Madrasah for a short period of time. Unable to continue traditional Madrasah education, Maryam’s learning trajectory took a distinctive turn under the guidance of her single father.

Embracing the power of technology and STEM methodologies, her father leveraged televised Quran programs such as Specially Madrasah TV of Eman Channel (Sky 757), Recite Show of Islam Channel TV (757), Quran Class of TV ONE UK (Sky 781), Qaariur Quran of Islam Channel Urdu (Sky 555), Taalim-Ul-Quran of Channel S TV (Sky 777), Iqra Shows of IQRA TV (Sky 742 & 778), Qariul Quran of Deen TV (783), Correct your recitation of Huda TV from Egypt via Youtube Stream, Dr. Ghena’s Sister’s Quran Circle (Zoom), and Apps like Quran Explorer and A.I. powered Quran Companion Tarteel AI apps to foster Maryam’s learning. This approach not only cultivated her Tajweed skills but also deeply ingrained the principles of phonetics and linguistic science into her practice, showcasing a brilliant fusion of religious education and modern technology.

Recognition and Future Prospects:

Maryam’s dedication and innovative learning path led her to win the title of the ‘Best Quran Reciter in the UK’ at the National Qiraah Competition by Islam Channel in 2021, alongside numerous other accolades both in the UK and internationally. Her achievements are a testament to the potential of integrating STEM in diverse learning fields, inspiring a new generation of learners to explore traditional subjects through modern lenses.

As Maryam prepares to attend the MK STEM Awards at the prestigious Unity Place in Milton Keynes on Thursday, 29th February 2024, the spotlight is not only on her groundbreaking achievement in Tajweed but also on the broader implications of her success. The MK STEM Awards, designed to celebrate the achievements and innovations within the Milton Keynes STEM community, provide the perfect backdrop to honor Maryam’s unique accomplishment. This event underscores the city’s commitment to being at the forefront of STEM education and innovation, highlighting the economic growth and leadership of Milton Keynes as one of the UK’s leading STEM cities.

Maryam’s achievements extend beyond her accomplishments in Quranic recitation and STEM advocacy. She serves as a true inspiration for young individuals worldwide, proving that age is not a barrier to making a significant impact. Her efforts to promote STEM, especially among young girls, are commendable and align with broader goals of encouraging diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. Maryam’s story is a beacon of hope for young minds, showcasing the power of passion, innovative learning, and determination to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.

As we look forward to celebrating the achievements of Maryam and other STEM heroes at the MK STEM Awards, her journey serves as a powerful reminder of the endless possibilities that await when tradition meets technology.

Maryam’s journey is truly inspiring, showing how passion, innovation, and a little support can break down barriers between old and new ways of learning. We’re excited to see Maryam and other brilliant minds celebrated at the MK STEM Awards.



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