Exercise Expert reveals the Most Effective Exercise to Burn Calories in 30 minutes

The Vertical Climber is the most effective exercise to burn calories in 30 minutes, new research has revealed.  The analysis by fitness experts breakingmuscle.com assessed a range of different exercises to...

The Vertical Climber is the most effective exercise to burn calories in 30 minutes, new research has revealed. 

The analysis by fitness experts breakingmuscle.com assessed a range of different exercises to discover the top ten that burn the most calories in 30 minutes for a 30-year-old 190 pound/86 kilogram male and 30-year-old 125 pound/57-kilogram female. 

The vertical climber burns on average 617 calories for men in 30 minutes, compared to 389 calories for women. The activity of climbing engages your entire body and is both a cardio and strength training exercise. The exercise engages your hamstrings, glutes, quads, back, chest, core and arms and depending on your grip, can focus on different upper body muscles as you are climbing upwards. For example, using an overhand grip, the same you would in a pull-up, will target more of your upper back. In comparison, if you use an underhand grip, the same that you would use in a chin up, you will target your biceps. 

The second most effective exercise for burning calories is an all-out effort stationary cycle. This exercise results in 451 calories burnt in 30 minutes for men and 285 calories for women. Quads and hamstrings are typically targeted in a stationary cycle with an aim to help to build strength in your legs and lower body. When you are pedalling, your abdominal muscles also contract to maintain balance – engaging this core muscle too. 

Coming in third is resistance strength training which can burn 371 calories for men and 234 for women. This exercise targets the major muscle groups such as the chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps and core and it increases muscle strength by getting your muscles to work against a weight or force. Resistance training can be completed using free weights, machines, resistance bands or simply your own body weight. 

Body weight exercise circuits are the fourth most effective exercise as it burns 370 calories for men and 229 calories for women. This form of workout is all about simple abilities such as pulling, pushing, squatting, bending and balancing. Examples of exercises that use these abilities are push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. There are many benefits to body weight exercises including convenience 

as it requires no or minimal equipment and can be done in your living room, it suits all levels of abilities with the variations of exercises and it has many health benefits such as increased mobility and flexibility to utilise in your everyday life.

Running at a 12 minute per mile pace for 30 minutes burns 365 calories for males and 222 calories for females, making it the fifth most effective exercise at burning calories. This exercise tones your body and works muscles including quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes.

Coming in sixth is a boot camp class which can consist of various exercises and dance moves. Males burn 357 calories in this, just below a run, and females burn 220 calories. A boot camp is not only a cardio workout but also strength training as you train almost all muscle groups in a short burst of work. The muscles that are targeted in this form of exercise are the back, pectoral, leg, arm and core.

Treadmill walking at five miles an hour burns 308 calories for males on average and 211 calories for women. The more you increase the incline on a treadmill, the more the muscles such as thighs, quads and hamstrings will be worked.

Traditional strength training with a three-minute rest between sets results in 217 calories burnt for men and 137 calories for women, making it the eighth-most effective exercise. This is an ideal exercise for anybody wanting to target one specific muscle. Strength training isolates muscles and works them using heavy weights or machines.

Pilates is the ninth most effective exercise at burning calories in 30 minutes with 158 calories burnt for men and 100 calories burnt for women. This workout develops your core strength by targeting the deep muscles in the abdomen, hips, lower back, buttocks and thighs. It is a low impact exercise in comparison to strength training for example, and it creates optimal strength through balance and alignment.

Yoga comes in as the tenth most effective exercise with 113 calories burnt on average for men and 71 calories burnt for women. This workout improves balance, flexibility and strength. It also has many health benefits such as reducing inflammation in your body and alleviating lower back pain.

A spokesperson for breakingmuscle.com commented on the findings:  

“In the modern world and its fast-paced culture, it is difficult to find the time for your exercise regime. This research shows the best exercises to burn those calories in only

30 minutes and demonstrates there is a range of exercises and benefits to suit a variety of people on their journey to better health.

“A huge benefit of these exercises is the number of calories burnt; however, they provide many other health benefits such as improving strength, mental well-being and overall happiness. There is an exercise out there for everyone and it is exciting to find your perfect fit – or a variety of workouts.”

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