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Italian Chef Gabriella Gasparini (Instagram A/c: gabriella.gasparini_ ), who hails from Modena in the country’s north, enjoys crafting freshly made pasta at home. Her love of cooking began when...

Italian Chef Gabriella Gasparini (Instagram A/c: gabriella.gasparini_ ), who hails from Modena in the country’s north, enjoys crafting freshly made pasta at home. Her love of cooking began when she was young and spent time with her mother and grandmother. After studying natural cuisine principles, she became a visual foodist with a focus on children’s animation, plating, and visual food. She achieved several certificates while attending basic and advanced cooking and pastry classes. She works with associations, municipalities, and organisations as a culinary and food art instructor in Italy. She leads workshops for both kids and adults. She has been promoting the culture of Modenese culinary tradition for a long time, working with Coldiretti on events, cooking shows, and food product promotion for their region. She is an expert on Italian Nespresso and hosts a masterclass on the coffee at Boutique in Modena. The Professional Association of Italian Chefs UK awarded her a Bronze Hat of Honour in Trento in 2017 and Rimini (San Patrignano) in 2018. In Italy, she has appeared in a number of television shows, including La prova del cuoco, Cuochi e Fiamme, Menu di Benedetta Parodi, 2 Chiacchiere in Cucina, Pupi e Fornelli, Nosterchef, II pranzo della Domenica, Di Cotte e di Crude, in Cucina con. She represents QVC Italia as a guest ambassador. In addition, she authored the book Cotto e Tatuato. She worked with Capital Innova to produce social media content for businesses in the food industry. Furthermore, she developed recipes for a milk project called Think Tasate Milk and worked on a number of European projects. She was one of the three culinary artisans selected to serve as ambassadors for the magazine Fior Fiore in Cucina from 2022 to 2023. She has been a chef on TRC TV’s Nosterchef programme for a number of years.   

Q.) In Bologna, you studied natural cuisine; what is it?

Chef Gabriella: Yes, I completed a course on natural cooking at Centro Natura in the heart of Bologna. Natural cuisine adheres to the principles of good nutrition, utilising zero-kilometer ingredients that are in harmony with the local climate and season. Concentrated forms of oilseeds and oils include proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, fibre, and essential fats.

Q.) Describe Emilian cuisine in brief.

Chef Gabriella: According to Forbes magazine, Emilian cuisine is the “best in the world.” It includes time-honored traditional dishes like lasagne and tortellini, as well as globally recognised typical products like Parmigiano Reggiano and Mortadella, Balsamic Vinegar, Tortellini, Ciliegia di Vignola, local fruit, Prosciutto Crudo di Modena, and typical desserts like zuppa inglese and bensone.

Q.) Given your expertise in coffee, what considerations should be made when choosing a coffee?

Chef Gabriella: Yes, I was a coffee expert at Nespresso Boutique when I worked there in Italy. Roasting, creaming, and blending are key components of a quality cup of coffee.

Q.) Since the food projects you work on have different national origins, how do you prepare yourself for them?

Chef Gabriella: I get ready by thoroughly researching food.

Q.) Has technology and time altered the traditional Italian cooking style?

Chef Gabriella: No, if it’s homemade food.

Q.) You are a skilled chef overall. What is your favourite dish to prepare?

Chef Gabriella: Fresh pasta made at home is my favourite. I adore tortellini, lasagne and tortellini stuffed with ricotta and spinach.

Q.) You have gained a great deal of cooking knowledge throughout your life. Would you kindly share a few of your learning strategies?

Chef Gabriella: There is still much to learn, so the best course of action is to study, practise, and learn.

Q.) Cooking and food art are the subjects you teach. In your opinion, what is the secret to becoming an expert chef?

Chef Gabriella: The two best tools for becoming an expert chef are research and passion.

By: Rida Khan (Aviation Author)

Instagram A/c: aviationauthor.ridakhan

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