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The Asian wedding industry is publicised to be a business worth 40 billion dollars (around Rs 2.5 lakh crores), developing at an unstable rate of 25-30 percent annually. Weddings in India...

The Asian wedding industry is publicised to be a business worth 40 billion dollars (around Rs 2.5 lakh crores), developing at an unstable rate of 25-30 percent annually. Weddings in India have experienced an ocean change as far as arranging ceremonies in variation of style and spending plans over recent years. Weddings have moved far from simply being private family activities, and have come to embrace a progressively current look. However, the brilliant shades of reds, Bollywood music, flashy gems and bling connected to the rituals, still continue to rule.  

With the trend of destination weddings on the ascent, Indians now have started going overboard on outings to fascinating regions alongside loved ones to make it a two of one event. Now the total expenditure commonly includes wedding costs plus holiday affairs. It is no big surprise that the industries of fashion, media, beauty, wellness and travel are profiting by this rising pattern. 

The industry has concluded that the main 15 Indian cities where more weddings take place than anywhere else include:  Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai. Usually people do spend between two million rupees to 20 million rupees for three to five days for the festivities of their dream wedding. These usually begin with a mehndi and sangeet and then a haldibharaat and pheras, concluding with the bidai. According to a research paper discharged in June 2015 by Reetika Madaan, Assistant Professor of Department of Management, Ludhiana Group of Colleges, nearly 10,000,000 weddings occur in the nation per year. This is equivalent to 900,000 in a month and around 30,000 relational unions for every day. 

As per a book called ‘The Big Indian Wedding: The Ultimate Guide for Dummies’ written by Sakshi Salve: “The most recent of 30 years have been astonishing in the Indian wedding industry. From home to hotels, roses to travels, ‘chai‘ to champagne and from huge ‘dil‘ to huge bill. Indians have basically reworked the whole wedding setting.” Salve says that the multi-day events are finished with fireworks, exhibitions by Bollywood performing artists, worldwide music stars and a huge number of welcomed visitors. “There is no uncertainty that Indian weddings are by a long shot lavish and much fun. No other nation on the planet can flaunt their weddings the manner in which Indians do,” the book says.  

Further discussing the impact of the industry, Salve states that Indian weddings are tied in with making an immense commitment towards the family. There are a gazillions of people who run their homes on account of this booming industry, which include cooks, racketeers, ‘tent waalas‘, ‘light waalas‘, ‘sound waalas‘, DJs, ‘phool waalas‘, ‘mehndi waalis‘, beauticians, style fashioners and goldsmiths would all be bankrupt if there were no huge Indian weddings, the author includes. 

The experts of the industry propose that alongside costs of gold on jewellery, the clothing spending plan for a high-end Indian wedding nearly crosses 375,500 dollars, since, alongside the groom and bride, even their families are a part of the occasions and ceremonies, which last approximately five to six days. So an intricately woven wedding lehenga or a sari can put a hollow in a pocket of more than Rs 75 lakh. No big surprise, Indian designers have almost 80 percent of their business driven by marriage tailoring. Despite the fact that the tailoring takes weeks in India, it is not the same as those in the western nations, as Indian alterations are essentially focused around the overwhelming marriage style. 

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