The Soul Food of Jordan

Jordan, a country which lies in the centre of the Middle East is famous for many tourist attractions such as the Dead sea, Wadi rum, Jerash, the Jordan museum and so on. Jordanians are well known for their hospitality and kind...

Jordan, a country which lies in the centre of the Middle East is famous for many tourist attractions such as the Dead seaWadi rum, Jerashthe Jordan museum and so on. Jordanians are well known for their hospitality and kind nature. Jordanian cuisine is influenced by many other cuisines such as Armenian, Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian food, etc. In daily meals Jordans enjoy having falafel, shawarma, hummus, labnehzaatar and other such dishes. Bedouin people are “desert dwellers”, an ancient population who have preserved their customs and traditions which attracts travellers to Jordan culture. Many Bedouin invite tourists to their tents to have their food and gain knowledge about their customs. 

To know more about Jordanian cuisine I have interviewed famous writer from Kuwait, Eman Alenezi (Instagram A/c – emany788 ) who is also a pharmacist, and self-motivation speaker. She has written three books titled: The Philosophy of Success, Five Nights (Novel), You Missed Your Home (Novel). She has lived in Jordan to complete her studies. 

Q.) Describe Jordanian food in your words? 

Eman:- Tasty and delicious but contains so much cooking oil. 

Q.) Why it is said “Jordanian Invitation” means – bring nothing and eat everything ? 

Eman :- Generosity of customs and traditions, Jordanian people give much more than what they take. 

Q.) Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan, please tell something about it? 

Eman :- A famous Jordanian dish demonstrates the generosity of its owner. It is about thin bread as a base of the dish, fresh meat cooked well with the Ghee on the top of the rice and as a side dish, there is also fresh cooked milk with Bread. 

Q.) Let’s talk about the traditional dishes of Jordan. Which is your favourite traditional dish? 

Eman :- So we only will talk about “Mansaf“. 

Q.) So it’s true that Jordanian love to eat but is it really all rice and meat we imagine? 

Eman :- Not at all, there is “Lentil soup” a vegetarian dish, and Sahlap drink”, it’s about starch corn mixes with milk and nuts. There is also a special dish named “Musakhan” consisting of bread rolls, which contain a fry chicken with onion. At last it’s not all about rice and meat, its mix of all food items that Jordanian have. 

Q.) Is there any specific food which is made only on a particular occasion? 

Eman :- Believe me there is nothing better than “Mansaf“. In all their celebrations you can find “Mansaf” ,Mansaf” and more “Mansaf“. Some “Shawarma” which includes chicken or meat, and Molokhyah” it’s a green vegetable sauce with chicken. 

Q.) What is that one thing which make Jordanian food unique? 

Eman :- It’s made with pure love . 

Q.) What advice do you have for someone looking to visit Jordan for the first time ? 

Eman :- Be able to eat the most delicious food but take care of your weight. 

Q.) Wrap up Questions – 

1.) Favorite Jordanian dessert  

Eman - Kunafa“  

2.)  Favorite Restaurant in Jordan 

Eman - “Jabri” and “Reem Al-bawadi“  

3.) One Jordanian dish which you like to have every time 

Eman - “Chicken Shawarma 

4.) Which is your favorite Jordanian dish to cook? 

Eman - “Mansaf“  

5.) Your favorite Jordanian spice 

Eman - “Zaatar” which means “thyme” 

Thanks Eman for telling me about Jordanian food cuisine. 

I hope after reading this article you all have gotten a good understanding about Jordanian cuisine, so next time when you will plan and make a trip to Jordan remember to have lip smacking traditional Jordanian food. 

By: Rida Khan 

(Instagram A/c – aviationauthor.ridakhan) 

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