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    Girls Cricket: From Bradford to Lords

    Cricket players from a Bradford girls’ team are now stars of a new film, documenting their rise from just about throwing a ball four years ago to playing cricket at Lords, hoping to inspire the next...
    2018-02-13 315 0
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    World’s Tallest Cricketer

    Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Irfan has said he rejected an offer of playing basketball in the United States, choosing his international cricket career over USA basketball. After the final of Departmental One-day Cup at UBL Sports...
    2018-02-05 404 0
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    1. Eden Hazard  A young player. He has been likened to Lionel Messi for his breathtaking runs and mesmerising skills in regards to ball control. 2. Mesut Ozil A German of Turkish descent captured the imagination...
    2018-01-24 553 0
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    Now Or Never For Asian Cricketers In The UK

    Lord Patel of Bradford, an independent director on the ECB board said: “There are 3m South Asians in Britain. A third want to engage with cricket every day. Cricket is the only sport in England and...
    2018-01-17 544 0
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    Meet The Afghan Bruce Lee

    The Afghan Bruce Lee is another step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a famous martial artist or an actor. Abbas Alizada of Afghanistan has captured the attention of kung fu legend Jet Li, the...
    2018-01-15 689 0
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    Bowls started in the 13th century Britain, as a slow-paced sport for gentlemen. Girls in Oldham from British black and Asian backgrounds are changing this perception. “I thought why not just try it,” says Qhadijah Begum,...
    2018-01-09 523 0
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    Pakistan ’s Female Power – lifters Go For Gold

    Pakistan stunningly won 15 gold medals at the Oceania Powerlifting Championship and Pacific Invitationals in Singapore. With four medals a-piece from three female players including Saniha Ghafoor in the 57kg event, Sybil Sohail in the 47kg...
    2018-01-04 480 0
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    In Kabul, Afghanistan, nearly 200 girls took part in the third annual Bamiyan Marathon. Afghanistan’s only mixed-gender sports event, featuring a 6-mile race for both female and male participants. In a post-Taliban era, these girls were...
    2017-12-22 629 0
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    The 4th Asian Football Awards

    The 4th Asian Football Awards took place in London at the prestigious Grange St Paul’s Hotel. The awards were set up to reward Asians in the footballing world, and to give them the recognition they deserve....
    2017-12-22 518 0
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    Bollyfit with Reema Sarin

    Ab-solute Fitness You can do crunches all day long, but they won’t automatically whittle your middle. It takes regular aerobic exercise to get rid of the layer of fat over your abdomen. However, strong “core” muscles...
    2017-12-14 425 0
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