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    Fines for middle lane hoggers

    People who “hog” the middle lane on the motorway could now be fined £100 and given points on their licence. But why is staying in the middle lane a bad thing? Middle-lane “hogging” has gone on...
    2015-07-08 1330 0
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    Motorists lack trust in garages

    The UK’s garages are facing calls for better transparency and improved service as almost two thirds (60%) of motorists say they have had a bad experience when taking their car in for a repair, service or...
    2015-04-08 1196 0
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    Britain’s best used car buyers

    A survey by has revealed that people from the West Midlands are among the most likely to buy a used car (77%) compared to the national average of 72% of people opt to buy a...
    2015-04-08 1106 0
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    The practical Jaguar

    New Jaguar F-Pace SUV, the production version of the C-X17 SUV concept, will go on sale in 2016 priced from £30,000. Jaguar has confirmed that its first SUV will enter production in 2016 and eshew Jaguar’s  normal badging structure  with a...
    2015-04-08 3204 0
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    Europe’s first Rolls Royce Phantom limousine

    Established in the car hire industry for over five years, Mr P. Khan decided to take the next step to introduce Europe’s first Rolls Royce Phantom limousine. Rolls Royce has never built a Phantom limousine, which...
    2015-03-20 1660 0
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    Tougher laws on drivers who text?

    People who use their mobile phones illegally while driving are more likely to be sending texts or using social media than making a phone call, the Department for Transport says. It carried out observations at 60...
    2015-03-11 1179 0
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    Mazda CX-3

    This is the Mazda CX-3 – an exclusive version of a SUV, manufactured to wet the appetites of buyers of the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur. The new model has been designed on the newly-launched 2,...
    2015-01-15 1658 0
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    Keyless car theft

    Organised criminal gangs are increasingly targeting high-end cars with keyless security systems, a UK motoring industry group has warned. The thieves are able to bypass security using equipment intended only for mechanics, the Society of Motor...
    2014-11-13 1166 0
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    Classic 1946 MG TC to be offered at BCA Bridgwater A classic MG TC nicknamed ‘Mickey Mouse’ and dating from just after the Second World War will be offered for sale at BCA Bridgwater this Wednesday,...
    2014-11-10 1117 0
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    Europcar launches new Golf Buggy service at ExCeL London

    Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe, is focusing on mobility on the ground with its latest initiative for ExCeL London. Tackling the age-old issue of getting around large event venues, the new Europcar...
    2014-11-10 1155 0
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