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    To look cut, with great muscle definition, many people have the misconception that you need to hit the gym. That’s the general belief: lift less weight and do more reps for definition. For bulk, lift heavier...
    2016-12-16 612 0
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    Aromatherapy – Myth Or Reality

    The origin of aroma therapy can be traced back to pre historic period, in the countries of ancient Egypt, Far East and China. The concept aims at the holistic treatment of the human body by making...
    2016-11-22 594 0
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    Detox Diet: Juice Fasting Recipes

    Juice fasting is gaining popularity as a great way to detoxify. Many people are interested in getting toxins out of their system so they can live a healthier life. When toxins accumulate in the body, they...
    2016-11-22 831 0
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    Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is made up of chronic symptoms and / or mucosal damage that are caused by the abnormal reflux of stomach contents, namely the powerful stomach acid. When the gastric contents are expelled into the...
    2016-11-18 715 0
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    How Internal Circadian Clocks In Neurons Encode External Daily Rhythms Of Excitability

    Newswise — BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Molecular clocks in cells throughout the body control many physiologic changes in a 24-hour day/night circadian rhythm — among them the timing of sleep and wakefulness. The master pacesetter for those...
    2016-11-15 568 0
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    allergies  affect a large number of the of the world’s population – close to 40 per cent, in fact, will, at one time, or another, suffer the annoying and sometimes debilitating results of this ailment.  Allergic...
    2016-11-14 630 0
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    Everyone experiences anxiety. In fact, being unable to do so can be a sign of a serious psychological problem. In our hazardous world, anxiety is a strategy the body uses to help the mind recognize danger...
    2016-11-10 766 0
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    asthma, self treatment, tips

    Managing asthma is not something your doctor can do for you all by himself. Asthma self help is an important part of treating and managing your condition so that it doesn’t take over your entire life....
    2016-11-10 589 0
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    Zayn Malik suffered with eating disorder

    By Aneesa Malik Eating disorders of any kind can have a devastating impact on an individual, as well their family and friends. A report estimates that more than 725,000 people in the UK are affected by...
    2016-11-03 946 0
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    Home remedies to combat a cold

    With the weather in the city being unpredictable, most people tend to catch cold easily. If you are tired of popping a pill three times a day, or simply do not have the time to visit...
    2016-11-02 679 0
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